TAX is killing the American dream

Written by United Citizens of America

Some say that our politicians are inrepparttar same neighborhood in their thoughts as our founding fathers. I don't know if I would go so far as say, "they are inrepparttar 132334 same neighborhood". However, they are still Americans - which is a very good thing. But, they are far too removed fromrepparttar 132335 lives ofrepparttar 132336 ordinary person to be considered neighborly.

You have to remember thatrepparttar 132337 primary reason our nationís founders went to war was due to increasing monarchy taxation. Our founders felt thatrepparttar 132338 tax burden was stifling colonial-mans ability to make a better life for themselves and their families. Their thinking was - why should they bust their backs to makerepparttar 132339 monarchy wealthier? The original taxation guidelines that our founders initiated for our nation states:

"No captivation or other direct tax shall be laid, unless in proportion torepparttar 132340 census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken". (Meaning that they cannot tax citizens without a citizen census being taken first.)

This law held for 201 years until our modern politicians felt they knew better than our founders did. Coincidently, it is roughly around this timeframe that government spending sharply increased along with our nationís debt. In 1977, our modern day politicians institutedrepparttar 132341 following amendment.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Written by Rocky Ramsey

The movie begins by reexaminingrepparttar 2000 election forrepparttar 132332 millionth time. The thing that bothers merepparttar 132333 most aboutrepparttar 132334 2000 election is that Alec Baldwin didn't leaverepparttar 132335 country like he promised after George Bush became President. Doesn't anyone keep a promise anymore?

After seeing interviews with Michael Moore and reading information inrepparttar 132336 press, I wasn't surprised byrepparttar 132337 Bush bashing inrepparttar 132338 beginning ofrepparttar 132339 movie. After watching half an hour of it, I was almost expecting Michael to interviewrepparttar 132340 Pope and have him say that George Bush wasrepparttar 132341 Anti-Christ.

Thenrepparttar 132342 movie cuts to a peaceful, wonderful Utopia -- Baghdad. Throughrepparttar 132343 complete and utter omission of heinous acts committed by Saddam, Michael seems to approve of Saddam's brutal regime.

Michael shows children playing in a playground and smiling along with weddings and happy people in Baghdad. He givesrepparttar 132344 impression that everything would've been fantastic, ifrepparttar 132345 "evil" Americans hadn't started bombingrepparttar 132346 city.

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