TALK SHOW CHRISTIANITY - . . . . Distorting the Gospel of Christ

Written by Doug Krieger

TALK SHOW CHRISTIANITY. . . . Distortingrepparttar Gospel of Christ

Dear Friends: I know you were all expecting another “monster blog” onrepparttar 145691 HIDDEN TREASURES—Babylon’s pursuit thereof. Well, that will be coming . . . but first, let’s zero in on another bizarre only-in-Babylonia America phenomenon.

Last week Frank Reilly of 11th Hour Ministries (one of our affiliates on thetribnet) shared a side ofrepparttar 145692 “Prosperity Gospel” that bestirred his spirit to outrage. (See below my response and Frank’s initial comments.)

I turned on one of our local Sacramento stationsrepparttar 145693 same day, and picked up an interesting exchange between an older brother inrepparttar 145694 Lord (apparently inrepparttar 145695 real estate business) and a Christian talk show host (I have no idea whorepparttar 145696 host was . . . only to say that there is a growing number of such shows dealing with “Christian finances”—therein liesrepparttar 145697 rub.).

Now, it’s not that believers do not need such “counseling” on such “earthly matters” . . . however,repparttar 145698 focus is so skewed fromrepparttar 145699 “riches of Christ” that simultaneously while Frank was undergoing his revulsion, I too was repulsed in my spirit concerningrepparttar 145700 headlong rush intorepparttar 145701 “gospel of green” taken by American Christianity. Quite frankly,repparttar 145702 deception of such claptrap passing for Christian edification is so abhorrent and even destructive torepparttar 145703 human spirit, that to partake of its alleged “spiritual value” is like stuffing yourself full of Big Macs month in “blessed anticipation” of a major coronary . . . Please, don’t Super Size Me!

If we are to be called “the prisoners of hope” (Zech. 9:11), it will certainly not be through this decrepit diet of deficiency, for it has NOTHING to do withrepparttar 145704 nourishment found in Christ alone nor canrepparttar 145705 sound of this “Jabez Jazz” play a tune torepparttar 145706 “Unsearchable Riches of Christ!”

(Note: My initial response to Frank’s comments has been a bit enhanced, however,repparttar 145707 overall “flavor,” isrepparttar 145708 same.)

Dear Frank:

Today, I too turned on a Christian station (770 AM here in Sacramento) and heard an exchange between what sounded like an older Christian man and a Christian radio talk show host. The elderly gentleman toldrepparttar 145709 host thatrepparttar 145710 greatest joy in his life wasrepparttar 145711 day he recently came to his pastor and discovered thatrepparttar 145712 30-something pastor, and his little family, did not own their own home (This all happened two years ago.).

Well, this older brother is inrepparttar 145713 real estate business. So, he set uprepparttar 145714 pastor by fixing up a new home purchase for him; redecorating it forrepparttar 145715 pastor, while he was at it.

The cost ofrepparttar 145716 first home purchase by his pastor was $150K. Well, this older guy was now rejoicing because that same pastor, two years later, turned his initial home purchase around for $379,000 and “made a killing.”

Chronology of the Book Of Revelation

Written by Dene McGriff

The Book of Revelation appears to be a daunting book because it is full of imagery and seems to bounce all over time, but like an old friend, once you get to know it, it really isn’t that bad. Followrepparttar parallels. Followrepparttar 145690 themes. Previously, we put to restrepparttar 145691 issue ofrepparttar 145692 rapture. It is important to understandrepparttar 145693 order of events – what occurs and when. Revelation is not that hard to understand if you grasprepparttar 145694 main theme –repparttar 145695 testimony of Jesus Christ which is seen in his two peoples,repparttar 145696 two witnesses: Israel andrepparttar 145697 church. Timing is important and this reinforcesrepparttar 145698 timing ofrepparttar 145699 rapture.


Chapter 1 The first chapter gives us a picture ofrepparttar 145700 transformed, resurrected Son of Man walking amongrepparttar 145701 churches. Here we seerepparttar 145702 revelation and testimony of Jesus Christ.

Chapters 2,3 The letters are to seven very different churches – both actual churches and historical prophetic churches onrepparttar 145703 earth with exhortations to each to hear whatrepparttar 145704 Spirit says and to overcome.

Chapter 4 This gives us a picture ofrepparttar 145705 heavens andrepparttar 145706 throne of God.

Chapter 5 It revealsrepparttar 145707 Lamb of God,repparttar 145708 only one worthy to openrepparttar 145709 seven seals or scrolls. The scrolls reveal what is to happen in this revelation of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 6 The beginning of sorrows andrepparttar 145710 six seals deal with events which occur duringrepparttar 145711 first half ofrepparttar 145712 Tribulation.

Chapter 7 This shows us Israel andrepparttar 145713 Church beforerepparttar 145714 throne. “These arerepparttar 145715 ones who come out ofrepparttar 145716 great tribulation.” (7:14) The seal protects them fromrepparttar 145717 wrath of God even though they suffered and died. Israel isrepparttar 145718 first group of 144,000 (not an actual number but signifyingrepparttar 145719 whole)

Chapters 8,9 The seven trumpets come out ofrepparttar 145720 seventh seal.

Chapter 10 John eatsrepparttar 145721 little book.

Chapter 11 This isrepparttar 145722 story ofrepparttar 145723 two witnesses fromrepparttar 145724 beginning ofrepparttar 145725 Tribulation torepparttar 145726 end whenrepparttar 145727 final trumpet sounds,repparttar 145728 Lord returns andrepparttar 145729 two witnesses are brought to life and caught up withrepparttar 145730 Lord.

Chapter 12 This is an expansion of what happens duringrepparttar 145731 third and fourth trumpets as Satan and his minions are cast to earth.

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