T'ai-Chi for the Masses--and Others...

Written by Edward Orem

Kuang Ping wasrepparttar T'ai-chi set favored by Yang Lu-Chan,repparttar 138848 man who brought forwardrepparttar 138849 "Yang" style inrepparttar 138850 mid-1800's, now so popular throughoutrepparttar 138851 world. Kuang Ping is whatrepparttar 138852 man trained with himself. The popular "Yang" set was/is something forrepparttar 138853 masses--not forrepparttar 138854 aficinado,repparttar 138855 athlete,repparttar 138856 martial artist.

I learned Kuang Ping from Kuo Lien Ying, third generation student of Yang Lu Chan. I was already an accomplished runner and martial artist when I started training (1970), so it was difficult to please me inrepparttar 138857 arena of athletics--but 75 yr-old Kuo was definitely impressive! Eventually I studied five T'ai-chi sets, but his was/is definitelyrepparttar 138858 most dynamic and challenging.

I teach two sets currently: a short Yang style (for beginners andrepparttar 138859 unfit) and Kuang Ping. They are both available on tape.

T’AI-CHI CH’UAN: A Few Words

This soft or "internal" art is, in all aspects, a psycho-physical exercise, a boxing system, and a meditation method. Most ofrepparttar 138860 tens of millions of practitioners are into it for health and meditation, so they move very slowly duringrepparttar 138861 training. But what most people don’t realize is that sincerepparttar 138862 art is founded on usingrepparttar 138863 principles of change, you can—and should—moverepparttar 138864 body and mind according torepparttar 138865 need ofrepparttar 138866 moment.

This wondrous exercise can be used by anyone, male and female, old and young. A five year-old child and a person of 90 years or more are both able to practice T’ai-chi Ch’uan. The complete form can be learned within three months; pretty good acquaintance can be obtained with a year’s practice; and a student training perseveringly for about five years can have significant integration of mind and body, intuition and knowledge. There are delicate details of T’ai-chi, keys to its marvels which are understood only with faithful practice. Traditionally, a person is required to train seven years before qualifying as a teacher.

Martial Training as a Timeless Portal

Written by Edward Orem

Thanks to several centuries of enlightened teachings by extraordinary men inrepparttar martial disciplines, we don’t have to be restricted to lives of getting and spending, waiting in quiet desperation forrepparttar 138847 pain to cease.

Most of us inrepparttar 138848 Arts focus onrepparttar 138849 tasks in front of our noses (the correct hand forms/kicks/body alignments), forgetting our option to consciously evolve alongrepparttar 138850 way to physical perfection.

Words are easy, but we can avoid just blowing mouth-wind here by listing some timeless guides for self-growth, followed by training suggestions:

[ The physical and cerebral functions die, whilerepparttar 138851 spirit continues to grow. This is a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many clubs are satisfied with learning only to kick butt. What’s left when full contact is a thing of your matured past, with only knee pains to jolt a dim memory? Lots of ways to answer that one—and it’s better to cultivate chi and meditation practices now.

[ Assume you know nothing—thenrepparttar 138852 Superior Man will appear. The most formidable opponent is your own ego. In training, first learn to listen and watch carefully, then proceed with selfless attention and caution. Your higher functions will then operate without impediments.

[ No authority exists outside of your Self. The successful student-master relationship is necessarily a symbiotic one. Each needsrepparttar 138853 other in order to bringrepparttar 138854 task at hand to fruition. Many modern followers ofrepparttar 138855 martial arts have forgotten thatrepparttar 138856 grading system produces no absolute ranks. The system is circular:repparttar 138857 student must decide by what criteria he wishes to be graded, and then he finds an acceptable person to conferrepparttar 138858 content ofrepparttar 138859 desired curriculum. Similarly,repparttar 138860 teacher must deciderepparttar 138861 qualities of a potentially desirable student, then contract with that candidate. Both are dipping fromrepparttar 138862 same well, both are reflections of a Being offering meta-cultural sustenance.

[ Nature pointsrepparttar 138863 Way. It is not possible to express in words what is most real, sublime, and ultimate. Recognizingrepparttar 138864 limitations ofrepparttar 138865 intellect, martial training traditions guide withrepparttar 138866 lamp of direct experience. The fool wastes energy talking, whilerepparttar 138867 Master gets on withrepparttar 138868 work—usually outside.

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