Symptoms of Pain and Illness in Dogs

Written by Jennifer Bryant

Dog owners, who recognizerepparttar early signs and symptoms of illness or pain in their dogs, will not only relieve their loved one’s suffering but may also be able to save themselves an expensive trip torepparttar 125745 veterinarian. Not only is it important to recognize these signs early to relieve pain and suffering, but it is much more effective to treat an illness when it is detected early.

The dog owner should keep an accurate and detailed account of their dog’s symptoms to helprepparttar 125746 veterinarian correctly diagnose and effectively treatrepparttar 125747 dog’s illness or condition. Most canine illnesses are detected through a combination of various signs and symptoms:

Temperature, Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate

A newborn puppy will have a temperature of 94-97º F. which will eventually reachrepparttar 125748 normal adult body temperature of 101.5º F. atrepparttar 125749 age of 4 weeks old. Take care when trying to take your dog or puppies temperature asrepparttar 125750 thermometer can easily be broken off inrepparttar 125751 canine’s rectum. Also any form of excitement can causerepparttar 125752 temperature to rise by 2-3º whenrepparttar 125753 dog is actually in normal health. If your dog’s temperature reaches 105º or above OR 96º or below please take him/her torepparttar 125754 emergency vet immediately!

An adult dog will have a respiratory rate of 15-20 breaths per minute (depending on such variables as size and weight) and a heart rate of 80-120 beats per minute. You can feel for your dog’s heartbeat by placing your hand on his/her lower ribcage just behindrepparttar 125755 elbow. Don’t be alarmed ifrepparttar 125756 heartbeat seems irregular compared to a human’s heartbeat, it is irregular in many dogs. Have your vet check it out and get used to how it feels when it is normal.

Behavior Changes

Any behavior changes that are not associated with a change inrepparttar 125757 household atmosphere, such as jealousy over a new pet or child may be an indication of an illness. Signs of behavioral changes may be:







If your dog shows any of these signs, he/she needs to be kept under close watch for a few hours, or even a few days, until positive signs develop or he/she has returned to normal. Do not try to exerciserepparttar 125758 dog or put him/her in any situation that may cause stress. Most veterinarians will want for you to keep track of whenrepparttar 125759 symptoms first appeared, whether they are getting better or worse, and also whetherrepparttar 125760 symptoms are intermittent, continuous, or increasing in frequency.


Dogs that are in pain will likely indicate that they are suffering by giving you clues as to whererepparttar 125761 area of discomfort is. For instance, a dog that has abdominal pain will continually glance toward their belly, bite or lickrepparttar 125762 area, and will not want to leave his/her bed. The dog may stand hunched over, or takerepparttar 125763 ‘prayer position’ which is when a dog gets down on it’s forelegs withrepparttar 125764 hind legs still standing, because ofrepparttar 125765 pain in her abdomen area.

Dealing With Pet Allergies

Written by A. Wilmot

It is Winter time again, a time ofrepparttar year when pets and humans are very vulnerable to each other. As this is obviouslyrepparttar 125744 chilliest time ofrepparttar 125745 year, animals are much more likely to be cooped up insiderepparttar 125746 house with us. All ofrepparttar 125747 windows and doors are closed torepparttar 125748 world andrepparttar 125749 heat is blasting aroundrepparttar 125750 clock. These are exactlyrepparttar 125751 conditions which make our winter homes playgrounds for certain allergens. Our pets are extremely vulnerable torepparttar 125752 dust inrepparttar 125753 carpet,repparttar 125754 mold insiderepparttar 125755 walls of your old house and other pets. But warm moist times ofrepparttar 125756 year are high allergy times as well. Allergies are simplyrepparttar 125757 most common conditions affecting cats and according to Kansas State University, 15% of dogs suffer from common allergies like pollen and house dust. An allergic reaction isrepparttar 125758 work of an overactive immune system. It is when an animal responds abnormally to a seemingly everyday substance such as grass or general food ingredients. Ofrepparttar 125759 different kinds of allergies, contact allergies arerepparttar 125760 least common in cats and dogs. An Example of a contact allergen is a flea collar. Grass and various kinds of bedding such as wool are also examples. An Inhalant Allergy isrepparttar 125761 most common allergy for cats and is also prevalent in dogs.

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