Swipe Your Way To Success (Legally!)

Written by Paula Morrow

Every successful direct mail expert has one. Same withrepparttar online experts who continually pull inrepparttar 108180 big numbers.

What is it? The infamous 'swipe file.' Have you started yours?

Every so often, you're faced with a blank computer screen and a deadline - your ezine is due, your sales letter needs to be posted, your ad needs to be submitted.

And your mental batteries are completely dead. You're suffering from total and complete writers block. Butrepparttar 108181 clock keeps ticking.

This is when you turn to your trusty 'swipe' file for inspiration. For a killer headline idea or theme. For a power word or two.

Now, I'm not saying steal someone else's work, word for word. That's plagiarism, and can get you in a lot of hot water. What you use a swipe file for is inspiration -repparttar 108182 catalyst to help jump start your brain.

Inrepparttar 108183 offline world, for those inrepparttar 108184 know, 'junk' mail is really treasure in disguise. You receive free, every day, new ideas for future pitches. Look through and pull outrepparttar 108185 offers,repparttar 108186 headlines,repparttar 108187 pieces that really catch your eye, engage your emotions and make you want to buy.

Then file them away for that mental rainy day.

Dan Kennedy, I understand, has rows of file cabinets full of these treasures, just waiting to be used.

The online world hasrepparttar 108188 equivalent in spam. Yes, a silver lining for spam! As with junk mail, look atrepparttar 108189 headlines, look atrepparttar 108190 offers. Saverepparttar 108191 ones you feel most powerful.

I have files called 'solo ads,' 'great headlines,' 'new product pitches,' 'pitches for affiliate programs' ... you getrepparttar 108192 idea.

A Word About Headline Inspiration...

Your headline swipe file is worth its weight in gold. Start building this resource immediately if you've not already done so. The headline isrepparttar 108193 key to unlocking an email, and some could argue it isrepparttar 108194 most important part of your offer.

Having Difficulty Writing A Compelling Offer? Click On A TV Infomercial!

Written by Paula Morrow

Yes it's true. Everything I ever needed to learn about assembling a compelling offer, especially tellingrepparttar difference between features and benefits, I learned from TV infomercials!

Now, just give me a second here.

Remember when you first started learning how to write copy? Whether for a classified ad or a sales letter, it was drummed in that it had to be a 'compelling offer,' heavy on benefits, not features.

But, tellingrepparttar 108179 difference between benefits and features, plus putting togetherrepparttar 108180 offer in a convincing way, was a bit tough.

Then, late one night, I stumbled (clicked?) onto a secret treasure trove of ideas, that I've continued to use to this day.

If you want to hear benefit-laden offers presented in a emotional and compelling manner, just watchrepparttar 108181 infomercials!

Note how they effectively userepparttar 108182 following (think you could incorporate any of these in your offers?):

*Testimonials. The participants describerepparttar 108183 products used on a very emotional level. Because they took a chance and ordered, their complexions are now clearer, waistbands looser, their meat grills easier (and with less fat)...

By positioningrepparttar 108184 testimonials in such a way thatrepparttar 108185 audience identifies with them makesrepparttar 108186 'what's in it for me' come across in a very clear and compelling way.

*The Concept of Value. A full-size product comes with a free 'travel size.' The order comes complete with bonus audio tapes and 'quick start' videos. Or you get a lovely bathrobe along withrepparttar 108187 leg waxing kit.

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