Swimsuit Critique

Written by Marvic

Facingrepparttar mirror in a swimsuit is as difficult as getting critism from someone else, a painful reminder of our flaws and imperfections. Hmm, why don't we look as good in that suit asrepparttar 140820 catalogue promised? It'srepparttar 140821 mirror's fault! We have an idea of what we look like and how we see ourself, but thenrepparttar 140822 mirror confronts us with another truth ... and it's rather lumpy :-(

So what do we do?

How can we change that reflection glaring at us?

Here'srepparttar 140823 beauty, unless you're going to finally resolve your New Year's promise to hitrepparttar 140824 gym floor and lose those unwanted kilo's, you're not going to change what's staring back at you. What's easier to change isrepparttar 140825 way it makes you feel. Take a good, long, hard look at that person in front of you and forget about Cindy Crawford or Brad Pitt!

Our natural inclination is to first point outrepparttar 140826 ugly orange peel around our thighs, orrepparttar 140827 belly that sleeps next to us, but don't get stuck there. Look forrepparttar 140828 good things too.

How about those strong arms, or your smile that meltsrepparttar 140829 coldest heart? Perhaps you like your toes? Okay, maybe justrepparttar 140830 little one? How about your ... hang on, did I hear you right? "Yeah, I've got a nice nose, but .."

The challenge here isn't to look at your faults ... but at how imperfect you are. Huh? That doesn't make sense? Well, actually it does - we're not meant to be perfect. If you think about it, our only means of achieving perfection is to get a machine to do it.

My other life is exciting, is yours?

Written by Garry Munro

My other life is exciting, is yours?

Everyone dreams of a more exciting life or a life that is different torepparttar one they are living now.

As you dream about your other life, you knowrepparttar 140766 one, where you’re slimmer or fatter orrepparttar 140767 one where you meet your perfect partner and live happily ever after or you have a million dollars or you passrepparttar 140768 exam and go torepparttar 140769 top of repparttar 140770 class,repparttar 140771 dreams go on and on and we all have them.

Dreaming alone however will not give you that other life because you need to do far more than just dream, dreaming is onlyrepparttar 140772 first step in making things happen.

To turn your dreams into realityrepparttar 140773 next step is to write your dreams down and prioritise them, then plan what is your very next step or to put it another way, what action do you need to take right now to start making that dream a reality.

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