Swimming Pool D.I.Y. in 10 Easy Stages

Written by Lee Coleman

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Swimming Pool D.I.Y. in 10 Easy Steps Copyright © 2005 Lee Coleman http://www.propertyservicesinfrance.com

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Swimming Pool D.I.Y. in 10 Easy Stages

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Installing your own swimming pool can be very rewarding and certainly save you a packet. Follow these 10 easy stages and you wonít go far wrong.

Swimming Pool D.I.Y. in 10 Easy Stages Before doing any type of installation itís going save you a lot of time and hassle if you do as much preparation as possible.

Decide where you want to have your pool, ideally put it somewhere itís going to haverepparttar 140564 sun on it all day. Consider things like access for a digger or lorries delivering materials, (the easier you make it,repparttar 140565 cheaper itís likely to be). Also decide if you want to removerepparttar 140566 spoil that comes fromrepparttar 140567 hole or use it to landscaperepparttar 140568 surrounding garden. Itís worth remembering that there is a huge amount of spoil fromrepparttar 140569 average excavation so often itís better to just get shot of it, especially if you have stony ground.

Make sure you leave yourself enough room around your proposed pool area to install whatever type of terracing you decide to have and if youíre going to fit a security fence in France make sure you have room to leaverepparttar 140570 minimum of 1 mtr allrepparttar 140571 way aroundrepparttar 140572 pool. The only other thing to make sure of before you start is that you haverepparttar 140573 relevant planning permission to install your pool. In France check with your local Marie first then fill out a ďdeclaration de travauxĒ if you donít hear anything fromrepparttar 140574 D.D.E. within 45 days of them receiving your declaration and your Marie sayís itís o.k. you can fit your pool.


Make sure you buy a good quality D.I.Y. pool kit. Thereís hundreds of different D.I.Y. pool kits available so try to find one which comes with a set of good installation instructions and someone you can contact if you have any problems. When it arrives checkrepparttar 140575 contents ofrepparttar 140576 kit to make sure itís all there before you start.


Mark outrepparttar 140577 hole. Most good kit pools only need a maximum of 50cm (500mm) room allrepparttar 140578 way around them to be able to build them, so if your pool is going to be 4 x 8 mtrs your hole will be marked at 4.5 x 8.5 mtrs. Easy so far, right? Also make sure you mark two centre lines, one downrepparttar 140579 length and one acrossrepparttar 140580 width. These two lines should be staked at either end well out siderepparttar 140581 area ofrepparttar 140582 hole. If you keep these markers you can always check your measurements if you need to. TIP. By keepingrepparttar 140583 hole as small as possible it will mean you have less to backfill.

Stage 3.

Digrepparttar 140584 hole. If you hire a good digger driver he will usually have his own laser level, if not, hire one. Forrepparttar 140585 best results checkrepparttar 140586 depth ofrepparttar 140587 hole regularly and also make sure thatrepparttar 140588 sides ofrepparttar 140589 hole are vertical, if not, oncerepparttar 140590 digger leaves you will have to shaverepparttar 140591 sides ofrepparttar 140592 hole by hand, not fun. You may have to allow extra depth for under-pool drainage but remember to measure leaving at least 100mm sticking out ofrepparttar 140593 ground so you have enough depth to lay any terracing.

Basic Things You Should Know About A Lease Purchase Contract

Written by Amanda Shoemaker

What exactly is a contract?

By definition, a contract is an agreement between two or more parties to do, or to refrain from doing, a particular thing in exchange for something valuable. The parties can be individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies.

They key elements of a successful real estate contract:

1. Offer and acceptance

This implies original signatures with no alterations torepparttar contract. Don't mistake offer and acceptance for counter-offer. Whenrepparttar 140471 original offer is marked up and initialed byrepparttar 140472 party receiving it, then signed, you got a counter-offer and not offer and acceptance. When you come to a final agreement, you should rewriterepparttar 140473 contract according torepparttar 140474 agreement and this contract must be signed by both parties.

2. Consideration

Usually, money isrepparttar 140475 form of consideration people use, but sometimes, a promise to perform/pay is also good. .

3. Written contract

All real estate contracts must be in writing. In order to write a good real estate contract, you must keep in mind these things:

You must writerepparttar 140476 full name ofrepparttar 140477 parties onrepparttar 140478 contract and thus identifyrepparttar 140479 parties.

You must haverepparttar 140480 legal description onrepparttar 140481 contract. Sometimes,repparttar 140482 address will do, but it's preferable to haverepparttar 140483 full legal description. By having this onrepparttar 140484 contract, you will haverepparttar 140485 property identified.

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