Sweet Surprises

Written by Bob Bassett

Chocoholics will delight inrepparttar variety of chocolate gift baskets available, from exquisite truffles to sweet and salty combinations. Chocolate gift baskets are great for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, her birthday, or "just because."

Very often, chocolate gift baskets have a specific brand of chocolate or type of treat. There are gift baskets devoted to Ghirardelli, Hershey's, and Godiva chocolate, just to name a few. Some small chocolatiers also have gift baskets available.There are also baskets of truffles or chocolate covered pretzels. A common theme is sweet and salty, combining chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered nuts, and other salty snacks covered with chocolate.

Also popular in chocolate gift baskets are chocolate covered fruits such as cherries or strawberries. In addition, wine gift baskets often include some variety of chocolate. For holidays, there are usually decorative seasonal options. Look for baskets in seasonal colors. Chocolate may also be molded into special shapes such as hearts, wedding bells, or Christmas trees.

Fantastic Fruit

Written by Bob Bassett

The classic fruit gift basket is a great gift for family, friends and coworkers. The Christmas citrus sampler is almost a tradition in some families. But fruit gift baskets aren't just forrepparttar holidays, they are great anytime.

In addition torepparttar 141589 classic citrus fruit in a gift basket or box, there are options that include apples, pears, pineapples, and all manner of domestic and exotic fruits. If you prefer a little more variety, look for fruit gift baskets that also include crackers, cheeses, and sweet dips such as chocolate sauce or caramel.

Fruit gift baskets range in price from about $20 for a small sampler to over $300 for deluxe arrangements. There are also a variety of sizes available, making suitable gifts for everyone from your child's teacher torepparttar 141590 whole family.

A fruit gift basket is a thoughtful choice for expressing sympathy, saying thank you, or corporate gift giving. With such a wide range of choices, it's possible to find something in any price range. For long distance gift giving, online retailers can ship your fruit basket. For something a bit different, try a fruit and flowers gift basket.

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