Sweet 16th Birthday Party Ideas

Written by John Lenaghan

Sweet 16th Birthday Party Ideas

Is there any party more delightful than sweet 16? If you’re stuck for 16th birthday party ideas, then you need to sit back and start counting! It’s easy enough if you remember that a sweet 16 party is all about that magic number. How many sweet sixteen balloons do you buy? Sixteen, of course!

Turning 16 can berepparttar perfect time for an all-girls party or for a co-ed gathering. No matter what you choose to do, talk with your sweet 16 birthday girl first for her ideas. She might be hoping for a good old fashioned slumber party or something a bit more elegant that announces she is approaching adulthood.

Sweet Party Ideas

Ideas for an informal 16th party can take advantage ofrepparttar 145882 classic teen foods like pizza, ice cream sundaes, sub sandwiches, nachos, and lots of soda. When thinking about a more “sweet” party, consider sixteen delicate and tiny birthday cakes surrounding one floral arrangement. Another idea is to keeprepparttar 145883 guest list to sixteen friends.

Planning Children's Birthday Party Games

Written by John Lenaghan

Planning Children’s Birthday Party Games

The best parties are built upon fun, age-appropriate and action-filled children’s birthday party games. Games can include classics like relay races, musical chairs, or egg tosses forrepparttar brave or might revolve around favorite movies or cartoon characters. Games tend to berepparttar 145881 highlight of children’s birthday parties.

Only second to party games in importance are children’s birthday cakes. Cakes and party themes setrepparttar 145882 tone for which games will be best for birthday party success.

How to Choose Party Games

When planning party games, first considerrepparttar 145883 age of your guests. The limited attention span of 4 year olds will require several very short games where pre-teens might enjoy a much longer and detailed game such as role playing or a movie party. You only need to think of an activity and then give it a slight twist so that it will fit your theme. As examples, a pirate theme could involve games such as finding hidden treasure by following maps. A circus party could involve games such as face decorating, tumbling contests or ring tosses.

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