Surviving Tough Times Online

Written by Jim Edwards

With economic problems dominatingrepparttar headlines, all businesses, online and off, need to makerepparttar 117327 most of every single customer contact if they hope to stay in business!

Consumers want to hang onto every dollar and only spend money for things they feel they really "must" have.

To put yourself and your business inrepparttar 117328 best position to survive and thrive inrepparttar 117329 current economy, follow these simple rules for making every website visitor count.

The first step in making every visitor count involves knowing exactly what people want from you. The vast majority of businesses never bother to ask what customers and visitors want, and therefore, they make fewer sales than they could with a little research.

Smart online business owners use surveys regularly to stay in touch with customer needs, tastes, and preferences. It costs next to nothing to ask a customer what they want and then simply give it to them. But, it may cost you everything if you don't takerepparttar 117330 time to ask first.

Next, businesses hoping to make it in these uncertain economic times must form alliances with other business owners who cater torepparttar 117331 same audience. Other business owners haverepparttar 117332 traffic you need in order to grow your business.

For this reason, you must constantly look for creative ways to work with them. The easiest way to profit by working with other website owners involves endorsing each other's products to your own lists or, at a minimum, trading links to funnel traffic back and forth.

How To Automate Your Web Business And Save Time

Written by David Coyne

Whether you sell products or services onrepparttar Internet, you should get an autoresponder as soon as possible. Itís an immense time saver. And for most online entrepreneurs time is in short supply.

What is an autoresponder?

Without getting too technical, itís like an automated email program that responds twenty four hours a day to any inquiries you receive about your product.

When a prospect sees your advertising, they send an email to your autoresponder address, and it replies immediately with your prewritten message aboutrepparttar 117326 product. Remember, people want info as soon as possible. If you have hundreds of inquiries a week, youíll eat up too much time following up individually.

Best of all, you can load a series of email messages intorepparttar 117327 autoresponder and have it automatically send messages at specific intervals.

Why is following up with several messages better than only one? Consider this fact fromrepparttar 117328 National Sales Association: 80 percent of sales are made betweenrepparttar 117329 fifth and twelfth contact. Impulse buyers are a rare breed.

How do you get started with an autoresponder?

The easiest way is to sign up for an account. They are lots of autoresponder websites and both GetResponse ( and RapidReply ( offer free accounts.

However, with free accounts youíre usually limited to inserting 10 to 20 prewritten messages.

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