Survival On The Road! A Resource For The 'On The Road' Sales Professional

Written by Jimmie Newell

It makes no difference if you are a Saleswomen, a Salesman, a rookie or a seasoned pro, we all face challenges while onrepparttar road. You may set up your own flights, cars and lodging, you may have a travel department that does it all for you, or if you are likerepparttar 146514 vast majority of "rocket roadsters" you drive your own car.

The successful sales road trip begins long beforerepparttar 146515 first appointment. Imagine if you have driven or flown all day, made all of your sales calls, and get to your hotel only to find you don't have a reservation, they don't have an ironing board inrepparttar 146516 room, they don't have a data port onrepparttar 146517 phone, they don't have high speed Internet...we could go on and on, but you getrepparttar 146518 idea, at this point you feel thatrepparttar 146519 entire world is picking on you.

Do you fly to your appointments, what if you did not have a reservation, or you got torepparttar 146520 airport to late?

What if you had no rental car reservation?

Isrepparttar 146521 car you reserved available?

Do you use a computer onrepparttar 146522 road?

Realtors Get Ready To Make More Money For Less Time – Times are changing and so is the industry!

Written by Scott Johnson

Does your day sound like this?

Checkrepparttar MLS for properties for a new client, return calls, place an ad for a new listing, make surerepparttar 146491 inspection is on schedule, return more calls, iron out problems on two different contracts, show properties all afternoon, write a contract, and try to remember to eat lunch. Return more calls all evening while searchingrepparttar 146492 MLS before going to bed and then start doing it all again tomorrow.

It did to Caroline Maki who, until recently, was one of RE/MAX’s top agents. She was among their top one percent of agents inrepparttar 146493 country, inrepparttar 146494 top 20 for Georgia, and a member of RE/MAX’s Hall of Fame and Platinum Club. She had also receivedrepparttar 146495 Meritorious Achievement Award fromrepparttar 146496 Atlanta Board of Realtors®. Maki had a team of buyers’ agents and administrative assistants, and she was totally burned out.

“Every year, I was working harder to make what I’d maderepparttar 146497 year before. I had no time for family, church, or any hobbies. It was all work, work, work. I had no balance in my life,” says Maki. “You get to a certain level withrepparttar 146498 awards andrepparttar 146499 money, but where do you go after that? How long can you keep working at that pace?”

Luckily for Maki, and thousands of agents acrossrepparttar 146500 country, are discovering how to take their business to a whole new level!

Make more money while atrepparttar 146501 same time enjoy a better quality of life!

If you are wondering where this business will take you inrepparttar 146502 next 5 to 10 years or you are wondering how long you can continue at your current pace, read on...

As you know Real Estate is one ofrepparttar 146503 FASTEST GROWING industries inrepparttar 146504 world! Last year alone almost 7 million homes were sold producing 15 trillion dollars in sales. This generated 75 billion dollars in real estate commissions! Even thoughrepparttar 146505 real estate industry is booming most real estate agents feel like they are not makingrepparttar 146506 kind of money that they would like.

Now forrepparttar 146507 first time you can learn how to maximizerepparttar 146508 full potential of this highly lucrative industry by taking your business to a whole new level! I want to talk to you about a revolutionary new approach that allows you to build a real estate business of your own where you callrepparttar 146509 shots and your income is not solely dependent on your own personal production.

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