Surfing For Credits.

Written by Joseph Robert Neil James.

Article By: Joseph Robert Neil James.

Surfing For Credits.

There are many Start page surf for credits programs but they all have a major weakness in common, which is,” low quality website views”. Forrepparttar past two years I have joined at least six Start page surfing programs and during that time, surfed for 1,000s of credits, resulting in little or no success forrepparttar 131817 sale of my own websites products and services.

My research into Start page surf program has resulted in comparing website page views, with sending out emails. My research has indicated that emails attract a click thru percentage rate of up to 4% - this means for every 25 emails sent out you should achieve on average, one click thru. Therefore 1,000 emails sent out equals a click thru total of 40 – Emails can be purchased for $1 per 1,000, which is $00.001 each – 10,000 would cost you $10. This gives you an idea of comparison between sending out emails and surfing website for credit.

This comparison indicates that sending out 25 emails is equal to, one page view because a start page surfer views any particular website inrepparttar 131818 same way as he/she would if they opened and read an email. Comparison, between emails and start page website views, indicates that start page website views should be far superior and produce many more sales. However, they don’t produce any more sales and I can understand why.

It’s a know fact that, providing a person has received an email at least eight times, promotingrepparttar 131819 same product, he/she is less likely to respond torepparttar 131820 product or service on offer. Comparing this with start page website views, a person that’s views a website eight time, he/she should create, far superior results.

How to successfully your website....

Written by Nicholas Dixon

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How does a online marketer gets his site to rank high inrepparttar 131816 search engines ? That's a question alot of marketers ask themselves everyday.Online marketing is successful when tackled from several angles.You may be asking yourselves , what are some of these strategies that I can use ? Well here are some that have been proven to work very well

(1) Meta Tags – These are very important especiallyrepparttar 131817 title and description tags which can give your rankings a major boost.Some search engines don't consider them that relevant , but still use them.

(2) Optimization - The vast majority of websites onrepparttar 131818 Net are not properly optimized forrepparttar 131819 search engines.When your site is optimized ,you are sure to see a boost in your rankings.Make this a vital part of your marketing campaign.

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