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West Coast Surfing in San Diego, California Welcome to San Diego's This site is dedicated to helping novice and intermediate surfers aroundrepparttar world. WestCoastSurfing focuses on surf spots located in San Diego County. We will try to cover everything from what a beginner needs to start surfing, where to go surfing, surfing etiquette, ocean safety, how to handle a wipeout and more. Even if you are an advanced surfer we hope that this site will provide some useful information.

WestCoastSurfing Content As mentioned above, this site will be mostly focused towardsrepparttar 145022 beginner surfer. Along with information on surf spots in San Diego, this site also includes a photo gallery for everyone who wants to upload surfing pictures. In addition, we will feature current surfing articles, and surfing news from aroundrepparttar 145023 globe. If you are looking for surfing related gifts then check out our online surf shop or our buy and sell section. Let me know if you canít find what you are looking for. Interactive Content WestCoastSurfing features a San Diego Surfing Photo Gallery that is free for everyone. Please upload your photos, and feel free to post comments, suggestions and criticisms. All photos are welcomed.

No Excuse on Getting in Shape

Written by Tim Frady

America is getting more obese every year. Even our children are becoming dangerously obese, even though we are more self conscious over our appearance. So what'srepparttar magic bullet to getting trim and fit. Well, I'll be honest, there isn't any. First, we are all limited by our heredity. If your father has a spare tire, you're probably going to be predisposed to have one yourself if your a man. If you're a woman, you are going to have fight off your mother's big hips. Today Americans have more money than they ever have before. No matter what people say aboutrepparttar 145021 economy, gradually overrepparttar 145022 years, Americans have become richer, and they eat to prove it. Even poor families eat more than middle class families of previous generations. Poor families often find it even harder to lose weight because junk food is cheaper, and they don't have enough money, or as much time to be active, other than working.

If your job requires you to sit all day, you are in a world of hurt as well. You are not going to burn very many calories sitting all day. Plus boredom tends to create a desire to eat more.

So what am I suggesting? Here are some thoughts you might want to consider. First of all, you really have to want to be in shape if you are going to have a prayer of losing weight. It's not easy. You've got to want it. Second, you have to make a decision in your life to live healthier. Eat moderately allrepparttar 145023 time. Don't starve yourself and set yourself up for failure later. Your metabolism is just going to slow down anyway.

Most ofrepparttar 145024 time people just eat too large of portions. Keep your portions moderately sized, and eat more times a day. Stop eating when you are full. There is no need to stuff yourself every meal. And, contrary to what your mother may have taught you, you don't have to eat everything that is on your plate. The smaller your portions andrepparttar 145025 more times you eatrepparttar 145026 faster your metabolism is going to be. Here isrepparttar 145027 biggest thing people don't want to do. You have to exercise. Moderate exercise can bring you from obese to a much healthier size. Find activities you like to do, and do it. The more you enjoy it,repparttar 145028 more you'll be able to stick with it.

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