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West Coast Surfing in San Diego, California Welcome to San Diego's This site is dedicated to helping novice and intermediate surfers aroundrepparttar world. WestCoastSurfing focuses on surf spots located in San Diego County. We will try to cover everything from what a beginner needs to start surfing, where to go surfing, surfing etiquette, ocean safety, how to handle a wipeout and more. Even if you are an advanced surfer we hope that this site will provide some useful information.

WestCoastSurfing Content As mentioned above, this site will be mostly focused towardsrepparttar 145049 beginner surfer. Along with information on surf spots in San Diego, this site also includes a photo gallery for everyone who wants to upload surfing pictures. In addition, we will feature current surfing articles, and surfing news from aroundrepparttar 145050 globe. If you are looking for surfing related gifts then check out our online surf shop or our buy and sell section. Let me know if you canít find what you are looking for. Interactive Content WestCoastSurfing features a San Diego Surfing Photo Gallery that is free for everyone. Please upload your photos, and feel free to post comments, suggestions and criticisms. All photos are welcomed.

The Latest Filipino Genius?

Written by P. Williams

A year ago many people inrepparttar industry would have asked who?, when faced withrepparttar 145007 name Marlon Manalo. The Filipino based former snooker player realised he couldn't earn a living in Asia from snooker so turned his hand to 9-ball. What a decision that turned out to be.

He was disappointed withrepparttar 145008 APBU about not being given a spot inrepparttar 145009 2004 WPC by right, he then proceeded to prove his point by making a run torepparttar 145010 last 16. That run confirmed his place for this years World Pool Championships.

Inrepparttar 145011 last week he has won two big tournaments inrepparttar 145012 USA, The Reno Open ($12000) and thenrepparttar 145013 9-ball event atrepparttar 145014 Hard Times Jamboree. What better preparation could he have gained for this years WPC which starts onrepparttar 145015 2nd July inrepparttar 145016 Taiwan city of Khaoisung.

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