Sure-Fire Copywriting Tips

Written by Angela Wu

As you know, good sales copy is critical to your success online. Although it's not something that you can learn overnight, here are a few pointers to increase your response rates ...

__1. Focus on benefits, not on features.

For example,repparttar specialty pet bed you're selling might have a durable polar fleece lining. That's a feature. The benefit is that it will keep your pet warm, snuggly, and happy on cold nights. Another benefit would be that it saves you money because it can withstand considerable wear & tear from your bouncy pet.

__2. Focus on your customer - not yourself.

Who can resist a conversation about themselves? ;-) Prospective customers want to hear about how your product is going to help or benefit them personally.

__3. Use emotionally-charged action verbs where appropriate.

Strong words that evoke images and emotions are great at getting a prospect to respond to your ad. Words like "smash" are examples of action verbs.

__4. Be ruthless - edit out all unnecessary text.

You want a tightly-focused sales letter that leads your prospect to complete one action. That could be signing up for your newsletter, filling out a form, or ordering a product. Don't try to sell everything within your sales letter; concentrate on getting your prospect to do just *one* thing.

How To Write Killer Sales Letters

Written by John Colanzi

How To Write Killer Sales Letters by John Colanzi

I'm sure you've seen those ads that grab your attention and have you ready to pull out your wallet or credit card. They are literally making you an offer you can't refuse.

Don't you wish your ads were that persuasive?

Arerepparttar marketers who wrote these ads natural born writers, or is there a formula that you can learn?

Writing to persuade is a skill that can be learned, like any other skill. It's just a matter of breaking downrepparttar 108186 process into four simple steps.

Step # 1.

The first step in writing your killer sales letter is to identify your target market.

This seems simple enough, but how many marketers do it?

When reading some ofrepparttar 108187 ads I get in my inbox, I have to wonder.

I don't want to burst your bubble, butrepparttar 108188 truth is, not everyone onrepparttar 108189 planet is a prospect. Concentrate on those who are.

Before you begin your ad campaign identify your target audience.

Step # 2.

Once you've identified your target market determine what their major problems are.

* Do they need more money?

* Do they need to save time?

* Are they interested in improving their health?

Sit down and determine every problem that your prospects have and decide how your product or service can help solve their problems.

There are no shortage of problems, but there is a shortage of problem solvers. Start thinking in terms of becoming a problem solver and you'll always be in demand.

OK, you've identified your market, you've determined what problems they have, now you're ready forrepparttar 108190 next step.

Step # 3.

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