Sure-Fire Conversation Starters!

Written by Arlen Busenitz

Use this three step approach to start a conversation with anyone! Stop fearing meeting people! Applyrepparttar three step approach now. Memorize these and have them in your arsenal to start a conversation with a customer, stranger, or new contact. 1. Start by saying some plain statement. "Nice Party." "Nice weather." "Long stoplight." "Nice airport." Etc. Just a simple, statement, comment, etc. 2. After breakingrepparttar 124119 ice and getting them to nod or verbally agree. Make another plain statement. It may work to bounce offrepparttar 124120 first one. "Nice coat you are wearing." "Interesting car over there." "The weather has been nice forrepparttar 124121 past three weeks." Etc. At this point you should know whether he/she is open at all to talking. 3. Show interest in him by asking something. Use your discretion in determining which questions to ask. You should show interest but do not be to nosy at first. Ask about something they are wearing, holding, etc. Example: If they are wearing a name tag, ask about it. Ask for their opinion onrepparttar 124122 weather, whyrepparttar 124123 bus is late,

A Single 'MoM' Success Story

Written by Rick Beneteau

I cook and I clean. I get groceries and put outrepparttar garbage. Wash dishes, do laundry, mowrepparttar 124118 lawn, run to doctor and dentist appointments and pick up prescriptions. I also wonder about my daughters future and stay awake some nights worrying about her health (she is hemipalegic and has suffered from life-long seizures and still has life-threatening seizures).

However, I also own and operate a very successful home-based Internet business. I publish a popular ezine, have authored one ofrepparttar 124119 best-selling Internet marketing books around and started two financially lucrative affiliate programs. My brand new affiliate program is about to be released.

I started all this a little more than two years ago, when I was in deep debt after a horrible divorce with just a dial-up to my name. And I did it on my own as a single parent!

Am I telling you that I'm a SuperParent, or Ultra- Entrepreneur? Nope! Far from it. I simply knew "I could" make a living fromrepparttar 124120 Internet and just held my breath until I did it! However, due to this diligence, I came across some wonderful new friends, who offered some good advice and more important, moral support.

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