Supreme Court Decides Against Grokster In File Sharing Decision

Written by Richard A. Chapo

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled peer-to-peer sites such as Grokster, Kazaa and Morpheus can be held responsible for copyright infringement by their users. In a rare 9-0 decision in favor of Plaintiff MGM,repparttar Justices held that a business distributing technology withrepparttar 145986 active intent of promoting copyright violations could not escape liability for subsequent copyright infringements. Although unanimous,repparttar 145987 ruling is a strained effort to isolate file sharing from other industries.

In arguing their position, Grokster had relied on previous rulings regarding VHS technology. In a 1984 case,repparttar 145988 Supreme Court ruledrepparttar 145989 makers of VHS recorders could not be held liable for copyright piracy by users ofrepparttar 145990 machines. The Court specifically ruled that VHS and any other technology with "substantially non-infringing uses" could not be held responsible if individuals illegally taped movies or shows off of television. Indeed, lower courts had ruled in favor of Grokster usingrepparttar 145991 VHS ruling as precedent. So, what'srepparttar 145992 difference betweenrepparttar 145993 two technologies?

In a somewhat tortured reasoning,repparttar 145994 Justices distinguishedrepparttar 145995 two cases by focusing onrepparttar 145996 "intent" ofrepparttar 145997 companies. If a company distributes a technology withrepparttar 145998 intent that it be used by third parties for copyright infringement, then it is responsible. "Intent" is shown by a company making a "clear expression" of such intent or taking affirmative steps in said direction.

N.C. Governor Appoints Rosen Divorce Attorney Chair of Domestic Violence Commission

Written by Alison Kramer


N.C. Governor Appoints Rosen Divorce Attorney Chair of Domestic Violence Commission

Raleigh, NC- Governor Mike Easley recently appointed Lisa Angel, divorce attorney with Rosen Divorce, as chair ofrepparttar North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission. Angel was sworn in last Friday by Judge Robin Hudson ofrepparttar 145034 Court of Appeals.

The purpose ofrepparttar 145035 commission is to assess statewide needs relating to domestic violence and assure those in need receiverepparttar 145036 necessary services and support. The commission also serves to strengthen already established domestic violence programs statewide.

As chair, Angel will be responsible for leading quarterly meetings and serving asrepparttar 145037 spokeswoman forrepparttar 145038 commission. “I’ve been actively involved in domestic violence issues in North Carolina for over 12 years,” says Angel. “I believerepparttar 145039 state has taken several progressive measures overrepparttar 145040 years to better protect people from domestic violence, but there’s still a lot of work to do.”

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