Supply-Side Freelance Writing

Written by Archie Sicat

A beachcomber,repparttar Internet reminds me ofrepparttar 129929 islands of Hawaii, where there are constant volcanic eruptions, pavingrepparttar 129930 way for a landmass that increases in size every day. Inrepparttar 129931 same way,repparttar 129932 ever-expanding Information Highway's explosive growth keeps giving birth to new careers such as those of Internet writers or Internet content providers.

AOL Chairman CEO Steve Case argues thatrepparttar 129933 battle for content isrepparttar 129934 Net's biggest pre-occupation since websites need to update their content pretty much daily. That is why mergers and acquisitions will continue to roll on, and we,repparttar 129935 content providers are just as well-placed to harvest from this constant growth much like railroad workers duringrepparttar 129936 cowboy days.

It's never easy, though, and I am talking from experience. If you think thatrepparttar 129937 opportunities will simply knock on your door, you're living in a world called Virtual Reality. For even asrepparttar 129938 Information Highway expands under your feet like hot lava, being an Internet Writer is very much like walking on a circus tightrope.

Writer's Digest claims that John Grisham used to send out 26 query letters daily in between attending court hearings before he became a famous writer. That is also how I began to lay claim torepparttar 129939 post of an Internet content provider. I am not famous yet, but like Grisham, I have a plan how to get there.

Indeed,repparttar 129940 road is fraught with rejections; but it is also a numbers game. In other words,repparttar 129941 more pitches you make,repparttar 129942 morerepparttar 129943 chances of winning. Early on I decided to uprepparttar 129944 ante for myself, that is, 30 pitches a day, or more if I haverepparttar 129945 time! And I am still doing that everyday.

Forrepparttar 129946 fact is, not everyone will appreciate your wares. I remember submitting a story to one famous web site, only to be told that I should take English lessons! And that, in spite ofrepparttar 129947 fact that I checked my grammar, punctuation and spelling before submittingrepparttar 129948 piece; putting my best foot forward so-to-speak. But like a door-to-door salesman, you'll make it soon if you try hard enough and if I may add, you're really good!

I will leaverepparttar 129949 part about being a really good writer to you. I will concentrate instead onrepparttar 129950 strategies and work habits that I espoused to succeed. Right now I am fully dependent on my freelance writing business with no net under my feet! How did I do that? It didn't happen overnight. The first time I did my first pitch was about a year ago, here at Inkspot. The editor did not approve of my story but she did so graciously. You don't find an editor like that everyday.

As I said, I just kept trying, sending out that endless stream of query letters. One day, I got a yes response and I couldn't believe it. I have been writing for more than a decade, but that was my first ever-successful foray into Internet writing. I got paid only $20 for a 500-word piece, but I was happy with that already. The editor was surprised that I charged him so little, he even wrote me a note withrepparttar 129951 check saying "are you sure you're charging only $20 for this?" I guess he had no idea at what stage I was in my Internet writing career! Nonetheless,repparttar 129952 strategy paid off. I figured that once you had at least one published story onrepparttar 129953 Net, it wasn't going to be too hard to landrepparttar 129954 next project and so on. Byrepparttar 129955 way, I got that first project from a classified ad at Inkspot!

So my advice is just keep firing off those query letters, and capitalize on your works published onrepparttar 129956 Net, making sure you always include those URLs in your pitches. It also helps to have your own web site, which contains your resume, contact information, and samples of work. That way, there is one convenient place where editors sizing you up can go. Mine was just a simple one, which I crafted from a free HTML software and free webspace but it serves its purpose.

Now here's how $20 grew into $50 and $100 and then $200 per story. I just kept pitching as usual, like a good salesman and my rate kept going up. Of course, I was still chargingrepparttar 129957 same for, say, a 500-word simple piece; but for more complicated ones likerepparttar 129958 Future of Telecommunications I ought to charge more andrepparttar 129959 editors of those sites did not complain since I had to do more research.

It helped that I was working as a Customer Service Specialist at Sprint Canada, one ofrepparttar 129960 big telephone companies in Canada, so I knew a lot about telecommunications. How does this situation apply to you? Well, capitalize on a topic where you know a great deal about, and impressrepparttar 129961 editor with your knowledge!


Written by Bob McElwain

Most have become convincedrepparttar basic ingredient of a great site is practical and useful content that potential visitors are looking for. (Those not yet convinced, will not succeed until they embrace and implement this fundamental.)

But atrepparttar 129928 word, "content," many roll their eyes upward in despair, for they feel their writing skills are not sufficient. While this may be true, there are ways to improve them. For openers, click Topics inrepparttar 129929 navigation bar on my site, select Writing Skills, then dig in.

Great Content Versus Great Writing

You do not need to be a Pulitzer-type writer to produce solid site content. Those who disagree, are generally good writers. Thus they tend to believe great site content is great prose. This is stuff and nonsense.

True,repparttar 129930 easiest and most straightforward way to build great content is to create quality prose. But it's far from beingrepparttar 129931 only way. For example, a site loaded with "how to" information will do fine, provided enough people want what is offered. And in writing this kind of content,repparttar 129932 focus is on clear explanation, not grammar. Here's another example.

An Aside About Fishing

My fishing experience amounts to having been with some fellows upon three occasions who were doing so. All I remember aboutrepparttar 129933 ocean trip is being seasick. Another time I walkedrepparttar 129934 perimeter of a small lake twice with a neat fellow more interested in walking than fishing. The only pro I've met was a fellow with a fly rod. He caught his limit in minimal time in a stream rod & reel types claimed was "fished out." This makes me uniquely qualified to define a site of great interest to fisherman. What follows is all made up. Any resemblance to truth about fishing is pure coincidence.

Let's Go Fishing

Bill, who owns FishNow.Com, got a call from Phil, made some notes, and immediately wroterepparttar 129935 following, sent it out in his newsletter, and posted it on his site.

"Bill here, with a neat update from Phil Randal who just called. (You probably remember him from our Caught 'Em forum. He knows what he's about.)

Just now he's at Triangle lake. It's great country and even better fishing. It's about 20 miles east of Kramer's Junction on Hy 145. To get there, takerepparttar 129936 dirt road that starts behind Kelly's Feedstore. Takes maybe 40 minutes, and you don't need four-wheel. (Click here for a map you can print. I've markedrepparttar 129937 route.)"

An Aside: The map is a GIF copy of an actual map on which Bill has sketchedrepparttar 129938 route. Throughout he's added text like, "Stream here; drive right through it." And belowrepparttar 129939 map is a link.

"If you're short of time, check withrepparttar 129940 Travel Desk. They'll arrange to pick you up and put you beside Triangle lake in quick time. Andrepparttar 129941 rates arerepparttar 129942 best I've seen."

"They've got a room atrepparttar 129943 lodge at Rising Creek come tomorrow if you want. And a cabin this weekend. You can get from there to Triangle on horseback in about four hours. Or Jake can run you up in his Land Rover in about an hour and a half. Fact is, fishings pretty good in Rising Creek just now."

Back To The Message

"Now get this. Phil says he's catching his limit every day in less than two hours. And they aren't minnows, either. He's got one he wants measured. Thinks he's got a record. Whatever, it's got size. Those who know Phil, know he doesn't lie.

But here'srepparttar 129944 best part. The other guys aren't catching diddle. They're all over him asking what he's doing they aren't. Again, if you know Phil, he's not saying. But here's what he told me.

He's using a BlueLine lure. He tried a FlatFish and did pretty good, but he swearsrepparttar 129945 BlueLine isrepparttar 129946 trick here. If you've gotrepparttar 129947 time, get on up to Triangle and let me know how you make out. Click here for info on a BlueLine lure. Click here forrepparttar 129948 FlatFish."

An Aside

Each ofrepparttar 129949 above links is to a page picturingrepparttar 129950 lure in detail. There's a link below to a page that shows you how to make one. And, of course, another that lets you buy one from Bill.

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