Supplements to reduce rash

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Question : I HAVE a skin allergy on both legs. I get a light, itchy rash especially before my periods. The itch gets worse during menstruation. I have had this since my early teens. Please advise.

Answer : FROMrepparttar symptoms that you have described, you may be suffering from dermatitis. Dermatitis isrepparttar 151091 term used for an inflammation ofrepparttar 151092 skin. This condition is characterised by a rash and may be brought out by sensitivity to cosmetics, plants, cleaning materials, metal, wool and so on. Other forms of dermatitis can be caused by excessive heat or cold, friction or sensitivity to various medicines. Dermatitis is usually accompanied by itching atrepparttar 151093 site ofrepparttar 151094 rash.

As it always happens before and during menstruation, it may also be caused by hormone imbalance triggeringrepparttar 151095 allergy. During menstruation,repparttar 151096 microflora inrepparttar 151097 vagina also changes. This will increaserepparttar 151098 risk of getting a yeast and bacteria infection, which will also cause skin allergy. To confirmrepparttar 151099 cause, consult a doctor.

Avoid rough or tight clothing. Washed, breathable soft cotton is best. Wash new clothes several times before wearing. Use plain soap powder (not enzyme detergents) when washing clothes and be sure to rinse well. Avoid soap and baths as much as possible. Use soap substitutes. Take quick showers or baths with only slightly warm water. Pat dry (never rub) after bathing. Apply a lubricating moisturiser whilerepparttar 151100 skin is still damp. Apply moisturiser several times a day to areas ofrepparttar 151101 skin that are very dry.

Vitiligo causes white patches

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Question : I HAVE white patches on both my hands and forehead. Please help.

Answer : YOU may be suffering from a skin condition known as vitiligo, resulting fromrepparttar loss of pigment which produces white patches. Commonly affected arerepparttar 151090 face, lips, hands, arms, legs and genital areas. About halfrepparttar 151091 people who develop vitiligo do so beforerepparttar 151092 age of 20 and about one-fifth have a family member with this condition.

It may be an autoimmune process (the body makes antibodies to its own pigment cells). Most of those havingrepparttar 151093 condition are in good health, although vitiligo may occur with other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease.

It is rare for skin pigment in vitiligo patients to return on its own. Some people have lost all their pigment and no longer have patches of contrasting skin colour. But they still have vitiligo. The course and severity of pigment loss differ with each person. Light-skinned people usually noticerepparttar 151094 contrast between areas of vitiligo and suntanned skin inrepparttar 151095 summer. Vitiligo is more obvious on people with darker skin.

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