Supervisor Training: Helpful tips to lead your pack

Written by Stephanie Tuia

A new supervisor is hired to anchor a gardening project that has fallen apart. The last supervisor walked out onrepparttar job because he was overwhelmed withrepparttar 143547 high expectations ofrepparttar 143548 project. The new supervisor is in charge of ten teenage workers, five young women and five young men, all of whom are not thrilled to be working on a summer day. Asrepparttar 143549 new replacement,repparttar 143550 supervisor is in charge of landscapingrepparttar 143551 lawn and garden areas that garnish a business complex. The complex manager has informedrepparttar 143552 supervisor that he has a three hour time limit to mow and trimrepparttar 143553 lawn areas, weed outrepparttar 143554 old plants and dead greenery, and replace them with a fresh array of tulip bulbs. Byrepparttar 143555 dayís end,repparttar 143556 supervisor has a $20 food budget to feedrepparttar 143557 10 workers on their lunch break. The summer heat is burning, andrepparttar 143558 teenagers would rather be out byrepparttar 143559 pool. Instead, they are required to sacrifice this day at work. The supervisor is overwhelmed withrepparttar 143560 task, but motivated to assist with allrepparttar 143561 responsibilities of his ten employees forrepparttar 143562 next three hours.

What is this supervisor to do with limited time, resources, and not to mention, controlling ten wild teenagers who are not thrilled to be working while their peers are at play? Good training will assist him in completing his duties as supervisor ofrepparttar 143563 project.

Supervisor training involves motivation. Attitude, incentives and goal-setting will lighten up any burdensome task, and duringrepparttar 143564 hot afternoon,repparttar 143565 crew will needrepparttar 143566 motivation to work.

  • Attitude - It is important thatrepparttar 143567 supervisor is optimistic, especially in light of an arduous task. Ifrepparttar 143568 supervisor reflects an optimistic attitude, his workers will be easily influenced.
  • Incentives - Rewards do not have to be tangible; pats onrepparttar 143569 back and encouraging words are just as enticing. Whenrepparttar 143570 atmosphere is uplifting and when authority is not threatening, workers are more inclined to conform to their surroundings.
  • Goal Setting - Making goals will helprepparttar 143571 supervisorís crew envision what they need to accomplish in order to be successful. Whenrepparttar 143572 supervisor paints a picture of what needs to be done,repparttar 143573 goals are specific, and thus, easier to follow.

Supervisor training involves delegation. Delegation converts deadweight into useful energy. From a personal account, I previously worked under a great supervisor who delegated work responsibilities equally and fairly among his workers. He efficiently distributedrepparttar 143574 work among his resources and that alleviated him from carryingrepparttar 143575 entire workload. He would make assignments and follow up with everyone to make sure that all tasks have been properly completed.

"Fuzzy Headed" Job Goals Lead to a "Fuzzy Headed" Life

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

"Fuzzy Headed" Job Goals Lead to a "Fuzzy Headed" Life

May I clarify in this article what I believe to be "fuzzy headed" life and job decisions. I believe both are entwined; life and job.

"Fuzzy Headedness" is a result of not HAVING and ACTING on life goals. It's easy to fall intorepparttar trap of not making real decisions for oneself. Others can make them for us. We can drift and go torepparttar 143479 job and life that just happens.

It is all right to let some things in life just happen. That puts some glitter and fun into a life that is worth living. Sure is!

However, if fuzzy thinking and acting is a pattern in one's life, then TOO MUCH JUST HAPPENING makes a life that is out of focus.

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