Superultramodern Scientism (SSism)

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI

Superultramodern Scientism (SSism) is Scientism of Superultramodern Science (SS). Without SSism, SS would be seen as a philosophy instead of science. SSism agrees withrepparttar definition of Science as a systematic body of knowledge. More systematic a body of knowledge isrepparttar 127610 more scientific it is.

SSism is essentially based on its critique of logical positivism as well as falsificationism andrepparttar 127611 principle of universal doubt. :

1. Critique of logical positivism -

Logical positivism is a doctrine that if some theory ( that is supposed to be speaking aboutrepparttar 127612 nature of physical /material reality ) is not verifiable then it is meaningless or absurd. SSism states thatrepparttar 127613 meaning of a theory has nothing to do with its verifiabitlity but ratherrepparttar 127614 nature of concepts it involves. ( This is axiomatic. )

2. Critique of logical falsificationism -

Logical falsificationism is a doctrine that if some theory ( that is supposed to be speaking aboutrepparttar 127615 nature of physical / material reality ) is not falsifiable then it is unscientific. Thus it is instead metaphysical, if at all meaningful. SSism states that falsifiability of a theory has nothing to do with its being scientific. (This is axiomatic.)


Written by Terry Dashner

918-451-0270, Terry Dashner

I think you will benefit from this story told by author Robert Hastings. Dr. Hastings is a native of Illinois and has written many books with stories which are as good as, or better than, this one. Enjoy.

Although Robert Koch proved torepparttar world that diseases are transmitted by microbes or germs invisible torepparttar 127609 human eye, it wasrepparttar 127610 French chemist Louis Pasteur who discovered how to use weakened microbes to inoculate against all kinds of infectious diseases.

His first successes were with anthrax and chicken cholera. Next he turned to a search forrepparttar 127611 deadly virus of hydrophobia. But before he could develop a serum of weakened hydrophobia microbes, he must first find and isolaterepparttar 127612 killer virus.

To do this, it was necessary for Pasteur to experiment with dogs that were mad with rabies. Inrepparttar 127613 lab he would stick his beard within inches of their fangs so as to suck froth into glass tubes. Using these specimens, obtained at such risk of life, he huntedrepparttar 127614 microbe of hydrophobia.

And succeed he did. Butrepparttar 127615 serum had to be proven. The first subject was a nine-year-old boy byrepparttar 127616 name of Joseph Meister from Alsace. His mother came crying to Pasteur’s laboratory, leading her pitiful, whimpering, scared child, hardly able to walk fromrepparttar 127617 fourteen gashes inflicted by a mad dog. ‘Save my little boy,’ she begged. It wasrepparttar 127618 night of July 6, 1885, when Joseph becamerepparttar 127619 first recipient ofrepparttar 127620 weakened microbes of hydrophobia in human history. After fourteen inoculations,repparttar 127621 boy went home to Alsace and had never a sign ofrepparttar 127622 dreadful disease.

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