Super Sponsor vs. Smart Sponsor

Written by Tracy Austin

The road to failure in MLM is paved with...Super Sponsors!

It's hard to keep your senses when you've met Super Sponsor. She's so enthusiastic, and ready to "tear this business up," with you by her side!

Finally! You think. Someone who can show merepparttar ropes in network marketing and who really wants to help me! So you pull out your credit card and join her.

When your card clears, things begin to change.

Super Sponsor is off with her dynamic personality, making big bucks - for HER! (Or him).

Saying something over her shoulder like, "I'll place you hear under Bob, and as soon as you show me you're serious, and sponsor three, I'll be there for you, too! If you have questions, call Bob."

You feel betrayed. You joined with Super Sponsor because you needed to learn HOW to sponsor three! And now your right back where you started. Trying to figure out on your own how you can become more like Super Sponsor, because that'srepparttar 122610 KEY to success in MLM.

Or is it??

These next few lines could berepparttar 122611 most important you ever read about MLM, IF you take them to heart.

The key to success in MLM, has nothing to do with becoming more like Super Sponsor! The key is to be yourself.

The Super Sponsor approach only works if you have that dynamic personality to begin with. Most people DON'T have a Super Sponsor personality, and they never will!

Does that mean if your not a dynamic, dazzling Super Sponsor type, you will never achieve your dreams of financial independence? Yes!

IF you become mesmerized byrepparttar 122612 Super Sponsor, and think you must try to become like her to succeed.

There are other options.

As far as findingrepparttar 122613 right opportunity goes, it's not easy to find one that caters to you, and other "Smart Sponsor" types, because they are usually not so outlandish.

No big promises are made because EVERY opportunity, bar none depends on what YOU do with it. For anyone to tell you that you will make X amount in a certain length of time, is untrue. You'll make as much money as you EARN - no more, no less!

You won't find real business opportunities shouting at you from your inbox, "Hey! Look at ME - I'mrepparttar 122614 next BIG thing!!" They are too dignified to claim they are right for everyone.


Written by Robert L. Dryden

When you seerepparttar term "MLM" or "network marketing," several companies or old-hat opportunities may come to mind. While some of these organizations are notorious for not deliveringrepparttar 122609 results they promise, there are a great number of them that are doing quite well, and helping their participants dorepparttar 122610 same.

What'srepparttar 122611 key? Demand! Just joining an MLM isn't guaranteed to make you any money. If you really want online success, any network you join must have products or services that people want. Fortunately for me, that's exactly what I've found.

Research shows that over 70 million Americans consistently userepparttar 122612 Internet to research health information and products. Of these, a whopping 85% say they are concerned aboutrepparttar 122613 accuracy and credibility ofrepparttar 122614 information they find.

This overwhelming demand for reliable health products and information creates an unprecedented opportunity, for those who are smart enough to take advantage of it. As a result, I myself was able to get in on a groundbreaking, rock-solid opportunity with a stable, debt-free company. I've made more money than I ever expected, and I'm sure I'll be able to meet or exceed all my financial goals because of it.

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