Super Affiliate Strategies Part 2

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

Super Affiliate Strategies Part 2

by Rich Hamilton, Jr

If you are an affiliate that is trying to promote an affiliate program, then I don't need to tell you it's not a walk inrepparttar park, unless you know what to do. With that in mind, this is one ofrepparttar 102416 main reasons I decided to write a sequel article called Super Affiliate Strategies Part 2. In this article, we are going to talk about a few ways that you can effectively promote your affiliate program.


Writing articles is another great way to promote your affiliate program and it won't cost you a cent. All you have to do is write articles that are associated withrepparttar 102417 affiliate program you are promoting. Atrepparttar 102418 end of each article, will berepparttar 102419 best time to promote your affiliate program. Make sure thatrepparttar 102420 affiliate program you are promoting is relevant torepparttar 102421 article, you'd be suprised at how many people get this wrong.

Just to give you an idea, I previously wrote an article that was entitled "The Wrong Email Format Can Destroy Your Offer". In this particular article I discussedrepparttar 102422 advantages and disadvantages of text and html email formats. Atrepparttar 102423 end ofrepparttar 102424 article I presented an autoresponder that is capable of performing both formats.

Custom Error Pages

If you are not using custom error pages to help lost visitors, then you should. Believe it or not up to 10% of your visitors are going to see an error page and by having custom error pages that will help your lost visitor navigate to a destination of your choice. Up to 80% of visitors that receive an error page will leave your web site completely, a custom error page is great way to keep your visitor on your web site, by pointingrepparttar 102425 way for them.

Having a custom error page isrepparttar 102426 perfect opportunity to present to your lost visitor an itemized list of your affiliate programs that you are promoting. Instead of having them leave your web site all together, just point them inrepparttar 102427 direction, but towardsrepparttar 102428 affiliate program you are promoting. Having a custom error page is an effective and powerful way to makerepparttar 102429 best of your ugly error pages!

Get Information First Before Sending Them to the Affiliate

Written by Catherine Franz

Honestly, Iím not a big affiliate fan because inrepparttar past I havenít gotten 90% ofrepparttar 102415 money promised either because they disappear before they pay out or they have so many exceptions -- paying out once a quarter, has to be over X dollars first, etc. Another negative side is that some of them think that 10% commission or some low amount is worthrepparttar 102416 20 hours it takes for us to sell it. Usuallyrepparttar 102417 10% equal $10 and $10 isnít worth my reputation even $1000 actually.

Todayís article is not aboutrepparttar 102418 pros and cons of being an affiliate member. There are some good affiliate programs out there where you will get a check, their exceptions are small or nil, andrepparttar 102419 commission reasonable forrepparttar 102420 amount of time, risk, and reputation you place onrepparttar 102421 line for their product or program.

This article focuses on collecting their information before you give themrepparttar 102422 affiliate link so you can increase your mailing list numbers or residual income.

Almost all affiliate referrals are handled by providing someone withrepparttar 102423 affiliate link. The reader then goes from your place to their place. If this is what you have been doing, takerepparttar 102424 "L" (for loser) off your forehead, and read this to "get SMART quick."

Stop LOOSING a valuable marketing opportunity -- and stop it now!

Instead, set up a bridge page (also called a portal page or doorway page). Userepparttar 102425 terms bridge and portal instead sincerepparttar 102426 word doorway has a separate search engine meaning that can be confusing.

A bridge page works simply like this. You set up a bridge page on your web site. You send them to this page instead of torepparttar 102427 affiliate site, collect their information, and THEN send them torepparttar 102428 affiliate site.

The objective is to offer them something for f/r/e/e that they must register for on that bridge page so you collect their information. In fact, you can offer several things.

You set up two pages actually. One that isrepparttar 102429 bridge page andrepparttar 102430 other a thank you page. After you collect their information THEN you send them torepparttar 102431 thank you page. Onrepparttar 102432 thank you page, you thank them for whatever it is they did and then give them an option to NOW accessrepparttar 102433 affiliate site.

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