Sunny Days Are Here To Stay

Written by Sonny Julius

Yes, this is correct. Sunny Days are here to stay, that is, if you want them to be. What's that mean? Well, let me explain it this way.

How do you feel when it's a "sunny day" outside? When you first awake andrepparttar sun is shining in your window doesn't that perk you up a bit?

Now I realize there are days when you are not feeling well, maybe there's been a serious problem you are facing or there are any number of things that nay not be pleasant in your life. But overall with all those things happening to you doesn't a "sunny day" help you to feel at least somewhat better about life? Don't you feel much better then when it's a cloudy and rainy day outside?

I started using this phrase "have a sunny day" many years ago in my greeting to people. It's even atrepparttar 141865 end of my voice mail message. I'll never forgetrepparttar 141866 day when I was a salesmen and received a call on my voice mail from one of my customers to call him. When I finally called him backrepparttar 141867 first thing he said to me was, "Sonny are you crazy it's not a "sunny day" here it's pouring down rain outside". I said , "I know it is but you missed my point, you can have a "sunny day anytime you want because a "sunny day" starts inrepparttar 141868 mind". "Oh, he said, I never thought of it that way" Many times overrepparttar 141869 years that voice mail message always gets comments.

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, says you have got to decide on what your philosophy is about your life. You've got to decide what excites you about life. You've got to take responsibility for what happens in your life. You shouldn't just "fit in" to someone else's plan, design one of your own. He says you have to live a disciplined life and stay disciplined so you can get what you want. He goes on to say, It's true, we suffer one of two things. Eitherrepparttar 141870 pain of discipline orrepparttar 141871 pain of regret. You've got to choose discipline versus regret because discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons.

I believe that makes things rather clear in my mind. How about you? Whatever you want in your life you must discipline yourself enough to get it no matter what it takes. Now of course that means without harm to another person. Now to add to this, Robert Stuberg, of Success .com says "your thoughts control your life, your life is not controlled by random events, UNLESS you want them to be". " You are NOT a victim of others actions UNLESS you THINK you are" He goes on to say, "if you don't like something in your life, you haverepparttar 141872 POWER to change it" .... if you desire something in your life, it's in your POWER to change it" Then he emphasizes, "Change Your Thoughts And You Will Change Your Life"

A Better Life In Easy Steps

Written by Steve Gillman

Want a better life? Big changes are difficult, and take time, but there are many easy steps you can take right now. Take many steps, even small ones, and pretty soon you're getting somewhere.

A Better Life Today

It's easy just to look, right? Start looking for specific ways to make your life better, and to improve yourself. Even if you don't accomplish anything immediately, you are preparing yourself. Thinking about change sets your mind and your motivation in motion.

You're not looking for an excuse to avoid difficult tasks, but you wouldn't expect to quit cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and complaining all at once, right? Just make things better today, in any small way. Seeing results will motivate you forrepparttar more difficult steps. Consider some ofrepparttar 141864 following simple actions.

1. Write down some things you'd like to change. This makesrepparttar 141865 possibility more real, and gets your mind working. Eventually you can make this "wish list" into real goals, with a specific plan.

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