Sunglasses: Which Lens to Pick

Written by Tim Gorman

Believe it or not, sunglasses come with many different lenses, which will offer you different kinds of protection. Your local eye doctor can help you pick out a lens that would be best for you to protect your eyes from different harmful elements such asrepparttar suns UV rays.

One ofrepparttar 146452 lens options is called a Blue-Blocker. These lenses do just as they say. They block any sort of blue light. Usually Blue Blocker sunglasses will come in an amber colored lens. It is not sure whether blue light is harmful or not, so these sunglasses are not imperative to your eye safety, but they are always great to have around!

There are other lenses called Mirror-coated lenses. This kind of lens will limitrepparttar 146453 amount of light that goes into your eyes. This is a lens that is designed more so for comfort.

If you get sunglasses with a Gradient Lens, you will find yourself with a pair of sunglasses that are tinted allrepparttar 146454 way fromrepparttar 146455 top torepparttar 146456 bottom. The top ofrepparttar 146457 lens isrepparttar 146458 darkest, andrepparttar 146459 middle has a clear look to it, while going back torepparttar 146460 darkest shade atrepparttar 146461 bottom ofrepparttar 146462 lens again. It would be wise so that you did not drive while wearing a Gradient lens.

Sunglasses Styles!

Written by Tim Gorman

It is all aboutrepparttar style these days. Sunglasses are allrepparttar 146451 rage, and so is fashion. What happens when we put these two together? Obviouslyrepparttar 146452 answer is fashionable sunglasses! If there is one thing that celebrities and grandparents have in common, is that they own a pair of sunglasses! There is quiterepparttar 146453 list of awesome stores that you can pick your new style of shades from. From designer to Wal-Mart, you just canít go wrong in buying yourself a pair, especially when summer is well on its way!

Want some brand names just to get you started? Adidas, Armani, Anarchy, Arnette, Bolle, Black Fly, Dragon, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Gucci, Guess, Gargoyle, Jackie Onassis, Harley Davidson, Matrix, Killer Loop, Maui Jim, Nike, Serengeti, Ray-Ban, Versace and Spy.

There are a few names that youíve heard about, and probably some that you have yet to explore. They have celebrity sunglasses to everyday typical sunglasses. The market is now giving yourepparttar 146454 availability to styles from glamour, to biker. You can find them online, or in stores that are completely dedicated to sunglasses.

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