Summertime and the Living is easy

Written by Patricia Lite Hickman


Summertime, andrepparttar living is easy,,,

Funny how many of my newsletters or articles are inspired by music lol.

Thank goodness it is summertime (almost)! The living this summer will require a bit more of digging into our spiritual toolbox for ways to cope withrepparttar 122298 war situation and rising prices. Can we do it? You betcha! Do we have many things to be concerned about? sure, but at least our clothing is lighter, greenery and lovely flowers abound in most areas. :-)

Last month's article "Bitter or Better" is still available if anyone would like a copy, or friends can email me requesting to be placed onrepparttar 122299 Metaphysical Newsletter, just have them put that inrepparttar 122300 subject line. :-) We very much appreciate you referring this newsletter to friends.

The state of affairs of our country and world indicates Lightworkers still have much work to do, for those that aren't Lightworkers at this time, there seems to be a huge wake up call happening even as I type.

Our Military, wherever they are stationed throughoutrepparttar 122301 world (but especially inrepparttar 122302 Middle East) and also any American Contractors abroad, need allrepparttar 122303 prayers, blessings or even a simple "keep them all safe" that you can do several times a day. Our Government Leaders and our Country can also use prayers and/or blessings. There is much power in unified thought, blessings and/or prayers!

What is a Spiritual Toolbox one might wonder? It isrepparttar 122304 arsenal that we build, silently, and affirm quietly, that does no harm, to ourselves, loved ones orrepparttar 122305 world. I have specific prayers of protection that I am happy to pass out, just email me for them. Every random or act of kindness, every good deed we do, is a blessing that will return to us, either from that person, or someone we don't even know many years later, well after we've forgotten all about it.

Children Who Talk to Angels

Written by Skye Thomas

What do you do when your child begins talking to some unseen entity? How do you determine if it's a psychic event, an imaginary playmate, or some sign of a mental health issue? You want to handle things in a way that is best for your child and of course in a way that isn't going to harm them in any way. You also want to make sure that you speak from a spiritual belief system that you can believe in. Your child will know if you are uncomfortable withrepparttar topic or if you don't believe in what you are saying. They'll also be able to tell if you are scared or threatened byrepparttar 122297 subject matter. You will want to fully researchrepparttar 122298 concepts and choices before saying something that you might later regret. The first response should probably be no response. After all, it may just be a fabrication to gain attention. Kids do that.

The first thing to look into is imaginary playmates. There is a lot of research and information to be found onrepparttar 122299 topic. You can ask your child some questions about their little friend and find out pretty clearly ifrepparttar 122300 child is creating an imaginary playmate or not. The research will show you some ofrepparttar 122301 common reasons and scenarios that cause some children to create these friends. Studyrepparttar 122302 topic for yourself and make up your own mind if that's what is happening with your child.

If you determine that your child does not fit intorepparttar 122303 imaginary playmate profile, then you have to decide if they're actually talking to guardian angels, spirit guides, Jesus, or some deceased relative. As I understand it, imaginary playmates are not named after spiritual entities or relatives. They have their own unique names. If your child is specifically mentioning Jesus, or great grandpa Joe who died last month, then you have to evaluaterepparttar 122304 chances that they're either suffering a bit of an emotional problem or they really are talking to spirits. I would also look at your own words and see ifrepparttar 122305 child might be trying to win your favor by pretending to channel your favorite spiritual figure. Also, are you giving them subtle messages that maybe you want them to be magical children that talk to angels and spirits? They may be faking it in order to please you. Kids do that.

It might not hurt to find a therapist who believes that psychic events can and do happen. They would be able to give you some professional insight, guidance, and reassurances if needed. If you see a therapist who simply doesn't believe in such things, then you and your child may be deemed nuts! Onrepparttar 122306 other hand, there are experts who are so hungry to find real live cases of psychic children, that they may overlook signs that your child is faking it or struggling with other issues. You really need to chooserepparttar 122307 therapist carefully and one with good amount of common sense as well as an open mind. They will be able to help you find out if your child is really channeling someone fromrepparttar 122308 other side or if they're suffering from some sort of a psychological issue that needs attention. They can also help you to learn how to speak to your child aboutrepparttar 122309 events. If it's determined that your child is psychic, expand your research to include information about psychic children. The fact that it's Jesus or Joe that your child is talking to may be comforting, but that's not reallyrepparttar 122310 issue. The fact that they can possibly 'hear' and 'see' a dead person means that you have three basic choices before you.

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