Summertime and New Romance

Written by Linda Reeves

The tempertures are rising and romances are in full bloom as we move intorepparttar summer months of adventures, vacations and new beginnings.

We all loverepparttar 147738 changing ofrepparttar 147739 seasons and allrepparttar 147740 surprises that are in store,repparttar 147741 flowers are blooming and bring luxurious color to our world, our hearts are opening as we look for love, romance and hot partnerships. Inrepparttar 147742 months of summer we are more available to meetrepparttar 147743 opposite sex as we are spending more time outdoors attending events, traveling and enjoyingrepparttar 147744 summer, but we are also open to many dangers as well.

As it is a wondertime of year, we must be open to other things this time has to offer as well. We meet people and our minds and hearts are open after a long cold winter and we tend to think we are somewhat bulletproof to allrepparttar 147745 dangers associated with this new found adventure. Granted, that tender embrace, that sweet sensual kiss and that night of firey passion may have been great atrepparttar 147746 time but willrepparttar 147747 possible "gift" you were given be worth all that fun and excitement? Somehow, I think not!

Lets reveiw some tips that have been preached for some time now in reference to our human nature, raging hormones and unbridled passion that seem to be more eveident inrepparttar 147748 summer months since we are wearing less clothing and exposing more of our bodies torepparttar 147749 opposite sex.

First of all, you younger girls, although I know your young little bodies look great in those barely there bikinis, short shorts andrepparttar 147750 "if you bend over your kootsie is gonna show skirts", but, think about what you are wearing before you walk outrepparttar 147751 door. These type things are an invitation, and hey if you are of legal age and that is what you are going for great, if that is notrepparttar 147752 kind of attention you want.....then cover your ass! Predators are out and looking for an invitation, don't become a statistic.

Secondly, STD's, need I say more? I will berepparttar 147753 first to admit how much I love sex and that exciting rondevous with that stranger that I don't know very well, but I always carry my trusty condoms

Critical Thinking To Go: Dodging The Pepperoni Pizza Fallacy

Written by Christopher Brown

Today we commonly hear inrepparttar news journalistic items about religion and politics, or faith and something else, whererepparttar 147616 suggested "duo du jour" usually sit in opposition to one another. One could do this, of course, just as easily with other areas of human thought, as with sociology vs. history, or economics vs. psychology. But most people do not seem nearly as interested in this exercise as they seem anxious to set "religion" over against whatever other area they might find interesting.

But this represents quite an odd way to view things (atrepparttar 147617 very best), and one might rightly call it propaganda (atrepparttar 147618 worst) in many instances. You see, life does not come at us in slices, as though it were one very large pepperoni pizza to go. When humans experience an event, we do not encounter it in a parade of neatly snipped segments, as thoughrepparttar 147619 civil war first showed us its psychological effects, then came its economic aspects, only after which we then got a look at its technological innovations.

Just as withrepparttar 147620 runningback who grasps a fumbled football inrepparttar 147621 midst of many linesmen, life happens to us "all at once." Only after taking in an historically important event, and reflecting on it a bit, can we slice it up to study some of parts or aspects in isolation fromrepparttar 147622 others -- as pundits might do, say, in an economics textbook. This, of course, makes students especially prone to confuserepparttar 147623 way things happen on paper with how they occur on a battlefield, or inrepparttar 147624 midst of a revolution.

Now this fallacy --repparttar 147625 error of confusing real life with its written counterpart, does not show up in informal logic texts. But it should, since it clearly misleads many these days.

So, what to call it? I at first triedrepparttar 147626 "fallacy of compartmentalized reality." I can hearrepparttar 147627 students now, "WhatEVER." Then I mused, "fallacy of reflective segmenting." huh? Finally, I landed onrepparttar 147628 more user-friendly label,repparttar 147629 "Pepperoni Pizza" fallacy. Surely students could grab and digest this supreme combination of words (or was that "combination supreme"?).

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