Summertime Scheduling

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

It'srepparttar end of Summer. The kids have been home for awhile and you realize that you've lost a good amount of time this Summer from your business. How do you avoid this happening next year or duringrepparttar 117662 various school year breaks? Read on!

Let's say it'srepparttar 117663 middle of June and depending uponrepparttar 117664 area ofrepparttar 117665 country you are in,repparttar 117666 kids are now out of school. You still have a business to run, and nowrepparttar 117667 added chore of watching and keepingrepparttar 117668 children entertained. If you are really lucky, you take these months off. Yeah, right - dream on isrepparttar 117669 response from our many readers.

Sorry folks, but some people do work that way. They work extra hours duringrepparttar 117670 school year so they can spendrepparttar 117671 summers with their children. This is particularly easy to do if you your business revolves around Real Estate, specifically Lease Purchasing as ours does.

Time, Knowledge And Energy; What They Should Mean To You

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

Our time, knowledge and energy are our most valuable resources. We do not let anyone waste them.

Time. You only have so much time in a day to earn money. Learn to put a dollar value on that time. Don't let anyone squander your valuable time. We all meet people who love to talk, we're guilty of this ourselves upon occasion. However, our time, and yours also, is valuable, after a polite or not so polite period, inquire as to how this person is going to compensate you for your time. If they don't want to or can't, cutrepparttar conversation off. We know this sounds harsh, but this person is taking money out of your pocket. That said, we don't mean you shouldn't donate your time to worthwhile charities or causes, we do. Just be careful where you spend your time resource.

Knowledge. If you're like us, you've spent money and effort to acquirerepparttar 117661 knowledge you're using in business. Don't give it away. Our knowledge has a specific dollar value. Like us, you'll meet people who will want to pick your brains for free. Don't let them.

In our Lease Purchasing business, we are constantly talking with people who just have one quick question. Right! We all know where that leads. Or someone will want one of our contracts to use. Sorry, our knowledge was hard won, and it will cost you to get it. Again,repparttar 117662 question, how do you plan on compensating us for our knowledge.

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