Summer styles: stick to the basics

Written by Kenia Morales

For this summer there are many different styles such as cropped pants, tunics, prints etc. But, does that mean that you must follow those trends? Of course, not! There are always basic styles that never go out of mode. Letís face it, not everyone looks excellent dressed inrepparttar latest fashion trend. Have you ever looked at an old picture and thought to yourself: What was I thinking when I wore that? That is exactly my point. Although, there is nothing wrong with buying some pieces for a refreshed new look there is simply no need for you to go gaga over trends. An important factor in fashion is not only how you look but, how you feel. It makes sense! When you feel good about yourselfrepparttar 143577 confidence projects externally making you look ten times better. Here is a list of summer basics that transcend time:

White colored clothing does not only give you a fresh look but, it also helps you feel fresh duringrepparttar 143578 warm summer days.

Linen fabrics give you a sophisticated look without feeling overheated.

Summer dresses are typically made of light airy fabrics which give you a flirty look and a comfy sensation.

Don't be shy

Written by Elena Meerovich

Don't be shy or how to buy ...

The reason that husbands and wives do not understand each other is because they belong to different sexes.[Dorothy Dix]

1.Fashion The particular way that most people prefer to behave or dress at any partucular time is calledrepparttar fashion. wWer usually think of clothes in connection with fashion-the kind and appearance ofrepparttar 143539 clothes people prefer to wear.Fashions in clothes were once as important to men as they were to women, but in more than a hundred years men have changed their way of dressing very little, so fashion has come to meanrepparttar 143540 latest style in women's clothes 2.Styles New styles is new, because they really are new to us. 3.Accessory Amazing how an accessory can definerepparttar 143541 whole outfit. 4.Lingerie Lingerie, pantyhose(tights) and stockings arerepparttar 143542 the most personal items of our garderobe. Despite this, or perhaps for this very reason,

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