Summer Camp Care Packages

Written by Rachel Paxton

Every summer our daughter goes to summer camp. She looks forward to it every year. I can't believe next summer will be her last opportunity to go to camp before she goes off to college.

Our daughter started going to summer camp when she was in middle school and has gone every year since. She finally graduated from camper and kitchen help to camp counselor this year. Every year I send her a care package with candy and other treats and she always looks forward to receiving it.

Our daughter just returned from spending two weeks on a ministry trip to Honduras, was home for one day, and then is going off to church camp for a week. I knew we wouldn't have much time to talk between trips, so I decided to write letters to her to send to her at camp.

I wrote to her about some of my day-to-day activities and about what she was missing inrepparttar news. I wrote about Hurricane Dennis and how worried I was for her so far away from home. I told her she was always in my prayers and how much I missed her.

Just inrepparttar 150343 two weeks she was gone she missed her baby brother's hair falling out and her brothers' first colds. I knew she missed her baby brothers very much and missed their baby hugs and kisses. I told her about what they were doing and that they missed her too.

Because we like to spend a lot of time talking about our spiritual lives, I shared with her what I had been learning in my daily devotions and shared what my prayers were for her.

I wrote three letters to my daughter to open on different days and included pictures of her brothers that she likes to carry around with her wherever she goes. I packaged uprepparttar 150344 letters with some candy and sent her care package off to her today.

Domestic Cleaning Advice: Computer Cleaning

Written by Ispas Marin

The computer you use can get pretty dirty sometimes and that might reduce it's performance and reduce it's life time so here is some advice on how you can clean it up.

The computer won't be well cleaned if you'll use alcohol cleaners, you'll need to use a hard surface cleaner, in concentrated solution in warm water.

Cleaningrepparttar case You'll need a cloth that you'll wrung inrepparttar 150342 solution you chose. Use this cloth to wiperepparttar 150343 casing and allrepparttar 150344 external parts (cabling, keyboard). Make sure you washrepparttar 150345 cloth sincerepparttar 150346 soil will be considerable. Excess water shouldn't be used and try not to let water go intorepparttar 150347 vents ofrepparttar 150348 case. You will be able to clean betweenrepparttar 150349 keyboard keys by using damp cloth pushed betweenrepparttar 150350 keys with toothpicks.

The following actions need to be taken every six months. Cleaning actions that should be taken periodically, every six months

You'll need to openrepparttar 150351 case and remove allrepparttar 150352 dust from it and fromrepparttar 150353 vents. You'll need to be very care full while cleaning insiderepparttar 150354 case. You can userepparttar 150355 vacuum cleaner but be surerepparttar 150356 motor is far fromrepparttar 150357 computer and it's components. Also, you should earth yourself by touching any metal object that you know it's earthed, like a radiator.

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