Summer 2005 Giveaway

Written by Lon Strickler

Win a fantastic BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN signed "Born To Run" album at Autograph Collectors Resource. An authentic autographed album w/ vinyl in mint condition with certificate of authenticity from Strickler's Celebrity Autographs.

If you wish to enter, go to our Autograph Collectors Resource website and forward your name, mailing address, contact email and telephone number onrepparttar email link other entries will be accepted. There is no purchase necessary to enter. No prizes will be substituted. All entries must be received by midnight, July 22, 2005. Winners will be notified immediately after entry deadline. ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD. Age 18+ only. US entries only. Good luck!

Strickler's Celebrity Autographs


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

Offrepparttar golden coast of Georgia is where Lies an island that is very rare Jekyll Island isrepparttar 140713 name ofrepparttar 140714 place The Vanderbilts and Morgans needed their space

Originally developed by a wealthy few They built fancy houses as their riches grew An average American Joe was not invited there To set foot on this rich man's land they wouldn't dare

Now a century of time has passed by Time has flown by quicker than you can bat an eye The original rich ones now lie silent in their graves The ocean tide still ebbs and flows with gentle waves

The state of Georgia now owns this piece of land Live oak trees grow huge amongstrepparttar 140715 dunes and sand On Memorial day 2005 a carriage ride I took At those fancy houses I took a long, long look

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