Summer's Here. . . Now What?

Written by Pat Redmond

As snow coveredrepparttar trees last fall, and you plugged in your Tanis Heater, did your stomach feel sick with regret? Did you wish you had flown more, visited more places in your airplane, spent time at OshKosh? How many beautiful summer days passed that you didn't take advantage of? Why not make this year different? With a little planning you could put together a list of places to visit so that your plane never sits onrepparttar 116307 ramp on a beautiful summer day!

You've got to takerepparttar 116308 first step!

Right now, sit down with a pen and notebook and start writing down allrepparttar 116309 places you want to visit

Teddy Bears Aren't All Cute Cuddly Toys

Written by Malcolm Pugh

a new concept-bears aren't all cuddly!!

 The new site everyone is talking about, and featuringrepparttar now massive cult status "Stiffsteiff Teddy Bear" family. Watch their decidedly dubious dealings, their awesome and amazing antics, their pathetic pathos! These bears will transform your life, and also contain alternative pursuits in their missions, which are worth following, and more pleasurable, less obese than being glued torepparttar 116306 TV for hours on end. The Stiffsteiff bears will allow you to LAUGH, and have FUN, without resorting to crudity, smut, or porn. This is somewhere your kids can actually go without you wondering aboutrepparttar 116307 content, and they will learn new things through followingrepparttar 116308 bears; gardens, countryside, photography, ponds, walks, National Trust houses. I am sure you would rather have them being interested in proper, real pursuits than being cooped up in their room with a TV and a computer for friends,their only contacts withrepparttar 116309 world around them via a mobile phone which helps to teach them how never to spell and how

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