"Suggestions For The Beginning Marketer"

Written by Jane Fulton

"Suggestions For The Beginning Marketer" (C)janes-place

I want to share with you some ofrepparttar things that I have learned onrepparttar 102052 internet. Unfortunately, I am hard-headed. I get an idea and I want to do it MY way. Sometimes that can be good, sometimes it's not so good.

When I was trying to get my website onrepparttar 102053 internet, some well-meaning people suggested that I get a free site and try out some of my ideas before going torepparttar 102054 expense of putting up my own website. Well, I signed up for a couple of free sites and tried outrepparttar 102055 control panel. I found that I was so restricted, that I decided not to do it that way. I went back to my way.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have usedrepparttar 102056 free site to find out which direction I really wanted to go in. Userepparttar 102057 free site as a "tester". I'm not telling you to stay with a free site. The reason I say use it as a "tester", is because I started janes-place out as one type of site, but found that I changed it as time went on, in order to satisfy my visitors. If you don't satisfy your visitors, they "won't" come back!

Userepparttar 102058 free site and add different pages. Find out what your visitors are interested in, then you can go torepparttar 102059 expense of purchasing a domain name, getting a host and allrepparttar 102060 other things for your website. You will also learn a lot about marketing and find out what worksrepparttar 102061 best for you and your "audience".

My host offers free sites and you can get one at: http://www.linkopp.com/banners/cgi-bin/refer.cgi?JF22091 If you get a free site through my host, I am familiar withrepparttar 102062 control panel and will help you out, if you need it.

Another suggestion that was made to me inrepparttar 102063 beginning, was to find a "niche". My thinking on this was, if I offered 'Something For Everyone, Even Uncle Elmer', I would be able to attract more people and give my visitors variety. Take it from me. That may work for WalMart, but it doesn't work onrepparttar 102064 internet. You will do a lot better, if you find your 'niche' market. Let's look at this example: You are interested in a site for women. Ok, women are your 'audience'. What type of women do you want to reach? Narrow it down. Let's say that you decide to go with crafts. Narrow it down even further. Let's say that you have been crocheting for some time and you enjoy crocheting. Ok, let's use that. So far, we have decided that we want to reach women that like to crochet. Let's narrow that down a little more, to women that want to learn how to crochet.

Make 2002 Your Best Year Ever

Written by Rinatta Paries

May your next year be magical, prosperous and overflowing with love!

How will you make 2002 magical? Start by reviewing this passing year. Honor and celebrate all you have accomplished. Put behind yourepparttar things that did not work by looking for blessings in them. Reaffirmrepparttar 102051 flow of love between you and those important to you.

Below are some questions to help you discoverrepparttar 102052 gems of this year. Take time to answer with a few sentences each and you will free up energy to make 2002 your best year ever.

* What positive things did you learn in 2001 about relationships, work, money, life, spirituality?

Did you discover... you deserve a relationship? you can express your feelings? you can create a new career? there is an abundance of money? there may be something more torepparttar 102053 universe than meetsrepparttar 102054 eye?

* What have you radically changed about yourself that you thought you never could?

Have you learned to say "No?" Let go of a past relationship? Met someone new, radically different from your past partners? Become hopeful aboutrepparttar 102055 future?

* How have you contributed to others?

Did you touch someone deeply? Help someone make a drastic change forrepparttar 102056 better? Give someonerepparttar 102057 gift of friendship?

* What have you accomplished that you are proud of?

Did you put an end to something that was bothering you? Start a business? Get a promotion? Begin a relationship?

* How far along are you on your path?

Are you closer than you've ever been to buying that dream home? Nearly finished reorganizing your garage? Almost ready to enter into a deep, mutually-fulfilling relationship?

* What did not work out and how was it a blessing?

Did you make a financial decision that went astray, and learn about accepting help from others? Enter into a relationship too quickly and learn to slow down?

* What do you still want to accomplish?

Having a relationship? Running a successful business? Living in a home you love?

* To whom do you need to communicate thanks, apologies or love?

Have you told your family, friends, clients how much they mean to you? Shared with your partner how much he/she is treasured? Apologized where needed?

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