Such a thing as bait overload?

Written by Brian Holte

As ebook publishers we constantly strive to develop new information products that we hope people will find value in, open up their wallets and graciously hand over their hard earned dollars to us in their hope of learning something new or finding an immediate solution to fix whatever problems they may be experiencing at that moment in their life. I call this a hunger for curable knowledge, a fixer upper of sorts. It is often a battle for many of us to decide on a realistic price that we believerepparttar potential customer will perceive as fair value. We all know, at times, this can be a painstaking task. We bounce back and forth between prices, testing outrepparttar 108431 waters, trying to find justrepparttar 108432 acceptable price range to motivaterepparttar 108433 visitor to make that all important decision. It’s easier said than done. As marketers we haverepparttar 108434 temptation of offering bonuses as a way to increaserepparttar 108435 perception that this info product we worked hard to develop is actually worthrepparttar 108436 price were asking. But when does this strategy reachrepparttar 108437 plateau of overkill? Torepparttar 108438 point where offering so many extra bonuses to enticerepparttar 108439 visitor to buy atrepparttar 108440 price of $27.00, instead are we not actually implantingrepparttar 108441 emotion of doubt in our visitors mind? Another difficult question to answer. As we all try our best to try and put ourselves in our customers shoes, to try and figure out what their thinking when they see our offer, but were not all psychic. Could our customers be thinking “Ifrepparttar 108442 author is offering this many bonus ebooks in his or her offer to entice me to buy this one ebook isrepparttar 108443 information in that ebook really worthrepparttar 108444 price?”. Then there’s alway’srepparttar 108445 argument that adding many bonuses to an existing offer definitely increasesrepparttar 108446 chances for a sale. Raisesrepparttar 108447 perceived value of course! I agree that this type of marketing does work, but

E-book "Diasoso Therapy-Manual for Hand Massage"

Written by Branka Babic

“Diasoso Therapy: Manual for Hand Massage” is an e-book that is thoroughly original in many aspects. Written in commonly understood everyday language, this manual is useful for both professional therapists and laymen alike. It instructs in a simple and accessible

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