Successfull travel is not just cheap plane tickets - Part 2

Written by Kerry Emrich

When traveling abroad proper planning is more important than just looking for cheap plane tickets. An hour spent in planning can save so much time and frustration when you arrive at your destination. Here are some great travel tips to help you on your journey

Learn aboutrepparttar water supply inrepparttar 141672 country or city you are visiting. Many countries have tap water that is only safe to drink if you boil it first, it is still save for washing in. You may want to take a plastic water bottle from home for your day trips as most western style hotels have there own filter system and you can save money on buying bottled water.

Plan out your colors well. Make sure you pack outfits that match each other. This will save yourepparttar 141673 trouble caused when you arrive and find out you have packed jeans and dress shirts, or you have ski boots but no gloves.

Pack forrepparttar 141674 climate ofrepparttar 141675 country you are visiting. Remember that Australia has there winter atrepparttar 141676 same timerepparttar 141677 Americans have there summer. You may also want to check out things likerepparttar 141678 amount of rain in a certain month so you can pack accordingly. Canada is a good example, in winter it may be 70 degrees in Vancouver and 35 degrees in Calgary atrepparttar 141679 same time of day. Do your research.

Shoes, snow boots, or rubber boots. Make sure you find out how much rain or snow will be around when you visitrepparttar 141680 country. You can research this easily online. Nothing is worse than wet or cold feet.

Bring your own toiletries and medicines. Be aware that your prescription drugs may not be easily available inrepparttar 141681 country you are visiting. Also some western products may cost a lot more depending onrepparttar 141682 country you are visiting. Do not forget things like cigarettes as these vary by country and they may not have your brand.

Do you really need to take... if you know you will not use it, do not pack it. Carrying heavy suitcases or backpacks is not only hard onrepparttar 141683 back but slows you down. Pack items you will need quick access to into a good quality backpack.

Carry a backpack. Pack allrepparttar 141684 items you really need into a backpack, items such as prescription medications, rain coat, gloves, water, camera, extra money will be easy to reach. A backpack also makes it simple to carry around when you are stuck in long custom lines and want a drink of water.

An Overview of the Gatlinburg Cabins

Written by Dani Martin

Originally founded inrepparttar early 1800s as White Oaks, Gatlinburg was just a sleepy residential town untilrepparttar 141671 growth of its lumber industry inrepparttar 141672 early 1900s. The creation ofrepparttar 141673 Great Smoky Mountain National Park in 1934 added torepparttar 141674 demand for visitor services. Gatlinburg was officially incorporated in 1945 and has since become a premier four-season vacation destination.

In recent years Gatlinburg has become even more popular as both a vacation spot for families and a romantic getaway for lovers. Ideally located, Gatlinburg is within a day’s drive for fifty percent of American citizens. Vacation options include single and double occupancies, larger family-oriented plans, and exclusive wedding and honeymoon packages.

With thousands

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