Successful Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Written by Beverley Brooke

How fast you lose weight will depend on a number of factors, includingrepparttar amount of weight you gained during your pregnancy.

Most women will lose anywhere from 10-14 pounds withinrepparttar 136704 first 2 weeks of delivery. This weight may be attributed primarily torepparttar 136705 loss of excess fluid inrepparttar 136706 body,repparttar 136707 baby's weight,repparttar 136708 placenta and amniotic fluid. Some women might lose a little bit less, and others might lose a little bit more.

Asrepparttar 136709 uterus shrinks back down to its normal size and your hormone levels continue to fall, you will lose weight. Most women gain at least 7 pounds of fat during pregnancy. This fat is meant to help women store energy while breastfeeding. How fast this weight comes off will depend on a number of factors including: genetics, your overall health, diet and exercise.

You should expect that it will take a little bit of time to loserepparttar 136710 weight you gained during pregnancy. It did after all take you nine months to put that weight on! Many women have successfully lost weight however, in just a few short months after a delivery.

Common Sense Approach To Pregnancy Weight Loss

Written by Beverley Brooke

Ok so everyone gains weight while they are pregnant. This is perfectly normal. It is also perfectly normal for a woman to want to lose that weight after pregnancy. We have established this much at this point in time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to get yourself back into shape right after your pregnancy, in fact I certainly encourage it!

It is important however that you take a common sense approach when you are attempting to lose weight after your pregnancy. Remember,repparttar weight will not come off overnight, but it will come off if you go about it inrepparttar 136703 right way.

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