Successful Trading – Taking Profits - Part 1

Written by Chuck Cox

So you’re started trading, you bought some positions with your online broker, you’ve set some reasonable stop-losses to protect your account and all of a sudden one of your positions move strongly in your favor – so what do you do now? This my friend, is probablyrepparttar hardest situation to deal with in tradingrepparttar 148593 market – believe it or not.

Do you take profits? Do you hold on for more profits? Do you take partial profits? There is no textbook answer to these questions as it depends on your trading objective. That’s why you need to determine your objective BEFORE you start trading. No matter what you do, there will be regrets if you trade long enough. If you decide to take profits, there will be times whenrepparttar 148594 market makes a huge move without you, if you decide to hold on for more profits, there will be times when you’ll loserepparttar 148595 profits you had. However,repparttar 148596 important thing is that you decide on your objective and stick to it no matter what happens.

Why A Team For Real Estate Investment?

Written by Steve Gillman

I had a hard time at first with real estate investment. One ofrepparttar reasons was that I tended to be a "lone wolf," trying to do too much myself. I've since learned that to really do well investing in real estate, you need to have a team of people you can trust and rely on. Here are some possible team members, and what they need to be onrepparttar 148592 team.

1. Real estate agent. A licensed agent with experience inrepparttar 148593 area you invest in and access torepparttar 148594 MLS (Multiple Listing Service), can be a great help. If she is a seller's agent, she can still ethically bringrepparttar 148595 best deals to you once she knows you're a serious buyer.

2. Real estate attorney. This should be someone familiar withrepparttar 148596 laws and legal customs of your area, and have experience withrepparttar 148597 type of deals you intend to do (If you are buying rentals, she should be familiar with doing evictions, for example.)

3. Accountant or bookkeeper. Keeping proper books for real estate investments is getting more complicated with allrepparttar 148598 tax-law changes. Find someone that understandsrepparttar 148599 law, and what you want.

4. Mortgage broker or banker. The first can offer many options, butrepparttar 148600 second can makerepparttar 148601 loan decision. Each has their advantages, and you could use both. In either case it's important that they understand what you want (fast closings, lower interest, corporate loans?)

5. Appraiser. Not only can a good appraiser give you an accurate valuation of a property, but they should be able to suggest ways in which you can raiserepparttar 148602 value of a property. Use someone that will talk to you.

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