Successful Promotion is a State of Mind

Written by Wendy Maynard

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Every good marketing plan should have a section on ongoing promotion and publicity, which outlines ways of reaching your target market. These tools can do many ofrepparttar same things paid advertising is supposed to do, at a fraction ofrepparttar 147319 cost. With an on-going publicity strategy, you can enhance your image and bring in new business.

Your first step: examine your marketing plan. Does it outline a carefully selected target market and identify its needs? Does it list your products and services that will meet those needs? Your marketing plan should describe how you will make it easy for your potential customers to buy what you sell. And, it should describe how these people will learn that your business exists - i.e. your promotion.

Next, take a look at your business itself. Do you know who you are? Are you using your image as a consistent marketing tool? In a world of intense competition, credibility and trust are crucial. This stands true for corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Establish a company message you believe in and repeat it over and over in your promotional materials.

Fortunately, consistent promotion is a state of mind - once you start promoting your message, you'll find opportunities everywhere you turn. By reinforcing your image and repeating publicity, you'll begin to see dividends accrue for your organization. As your company's stories appear inrepparttar 147320 media, your clients and prospects will perceive you as more credible. You are positioning yourself asrepparttar 147321 expert. As you send out materials such as newsletters and ezines, you build a relationship with people over time. They feel like you are a friend, not a pushy salesperson.

If you're not sure where to start or where to go next, a professional agency can help you refine your existing strategy and create marketing tools to meet your specific goals.

Here are some marketing tools to consider:

Blood Test for Your Blog?

Written by Nick Smith

Just like a real blood test tells you which blood type you have or whether you have a disease or not, this article will help you test which type of blog you are writing and what you can do to improve it.

Are you contributing to one ofrepparttar estimated 36.1 million (and growing) blogs online? Or are you thinking of enteringrepparttar 147318 fray and starting to publish a blog for your small or home business? Make sure you are publishingrepparttar 147319 right type of blog for your kind of business, or all that writing time will have been for naught.

The Blog Blood Test

Just as there are different types of blood, there are many different types of blogs, and each serves its own purpose. Giving your blog a blood test will help you determine which type of blog is best for your business and what may be wrong withrepparttar 147320 one you've got now.

Blog Blood Type 1: Customer Relations - Blogging is one ofrepparttar 147321 best ways to put a face and personality on your business, especially if you operate entirely in cyberspace. Those that best employ their blog in strengthening relationships with their customers spend a lot of time interacting with customers, answering questions, providing useful tips, and keeping them informed of business happenings. These blogs focus less onrepparttar 147322 company's products and more onrepparttar 147323 company's culture and outlook. The goal of this type of blog is to engender customer loyalty and establish a consistent flow of interested website visitors.

Blog Blood Type 2: Sales - As you can imagine, most businesses that blog do so because ofrepparttar 147324 perceived benefit to their bottom line. While very little quantitative research has been done with regards torepparttar 147325 actual monetary impact of blogging on overall sales,repparttar 147326 ubiquity of sales-oriented blogs indicates some kind of return-on-investment. Sales blogs focus on product developments and benefits torepparttar 147327 customer. There is less online interaction with customers viarepparttar 147328 blog asrepparttar 147329 goal is to move readers off ofrepparttar 147330 blog and ontorepparttar 147331 product pages. The goal of a sales blog

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