Successful Job Search: 10 Steps To Quickly Acquire Your Dream Job And Put More Money In Your Pocket

Written by David Richter

This article describesrepparttar critical path of a job search. You will learnrepparttar 135033 strategies, tools and resources you must employ to be effective in your job search efforts and successfully land your next job. Do you want to continue your costly, time-consuming and exhausting struggle in a frustrating job search using weak, ineffective tools that are getting you nowhere? The job market today is fiercely competitive with few high-paying or desirable jobs available. With repeated downsizings, companies have learned to survive with less. Mediocrity has no place in your job search process. To be a player amongrepparttar 135034 huge number of job seekers, you need an edge, a unique compelling advantage. To be successful, you must differentiate yourself fromrepparttar 135035 crowd. You must use search strategies that put you head and shoulders above your competition. You must possess knowledge and skill in your area of expertise, and know how to demonstrate that torepparttar 135036 world. You may berepparttar 135037 best candidate for a position, but someone better skilled at interviewing getsrepparttar 135038 offer. Here arerepparttar 135039 strategies you need to use to run a successful job search: 1. Determine your best-suited career You need to sit down and assess your talents, strengths and core competencies, as well as what it is you truly want to do. It may not be enough that you have a skill set in a particular area if you lackrepparttar 135040 desire to move forward in that direction. To be a successful career builder and have a fulfilling career, find your passion and do what you love. If you donít, no amount of money will satisfy you. 2. Leverage your skills torepparttar 135041 highest possible level You may be a design engineering guru, a top marketing specialist or a graphics design genius, but unless you know how to present your talents -- in your resume and during your interviews -- your expertise will go unnoticed. You must also present your skills torepparttar 135042 right person. A candidate weaker than you will ease you out of an opportunity just because they spoke directly torepparttar 135043 hiring manager while you discussed your candidacy with someone in human resources. It's not alwaysrepparttar 135044 best candidate who receivesrepparttar 135045 offer. 3. Set yourself apart from your competition With up to nine hundred candidates responding to one advertised job opening, it is easy to lose oneself inrepparttar 135046 vast sea of job seekers. You must learn how to differentiate yourself fromrepparttar 135047 crowd. Creating an attention-grabbing resume is a good start. You must also learn how to prepare for and succeed at interviews. Tappingrepparttar 135048 hidden job market and networking are by farrepparttar 135049 most effective strategies for findingrepparttar 135050 right opportunities and getting ahead of your competition. 4. Create an attention-grabbing resume One ofrepparttar 135051 best ways to achieve this is to clearly state your value proposition, your strengths and several uniquely defined differentiators that set you apart from your competition. Add to that a set of well-crafted accomplishments that incorporate three critical factors --repparttar 135052 extraordinary task you fulfilled, how you achieved it, andrepparttar 135053 results -- and you haverepparttar 135054 basis for a winning resume. 5. Write a captivating cover letter Your cover letter is critical to your success. It setsrepparttar 135055 tone. It is read before your resume and includes vital information about you that every potential employer needs. If you donít have a cover letter, or if you have one that is poorly written, youíre setting yourself up for failure. Knowingrepparttar 135056 crucial elements of a cover letter is imperative to moving your candidacy forward.

The Hidden Job Market: Real Or Imagined?

Written by David Richter

The hidden job market has been touted asrepparttar place to go if you want to findrepparttar 135032 best jobs. Itís been said that this sector ofrepparttar 135033 job market accounts for seventy-five percent of allrepparttar 135034 job openings out there. If that is true, then what we see inrepparttar 135035 classifieds and onrepparttar 135036 Internet job sites account for only twenty-five percent of all job openings. Sorepparttar 135037 question becomes, isrepparttar 135038 hidden job market a myth or does it truly exist? The hidden, or unadvertised, job market does exist, and can be located. When a company advertises a job opening inrepparttar 135039 classifieds and onrepparttar 135040 various job sites, it takes three to four months for that position to be filled. Since companies lose money every day a position remains open, advertising a job opening is seen by many as a non-viable approach. Roughly seventy-five percent of all job openings are therefore unadvertised, which means you will not see them posted on any ofrepparttar 135041 job sites. You will not be aware of their existence. They are indeed hidden opportunities. It is absolutely worth your effort to find these opportunities. Companies have learned to search for viable candidates using three fundamental strategies other than advertising: networking, using recruiters, and probingrepparttar 135042 job sites. So how can you take advantage of these approaches to taprepparttar 135043 hidden job market? Networking isn't an approach exclusive to hiring companies. You, too, can engage in networking with allrepparttar 135044 people you know. As an extremely powerful strategy accounting for roughly 80% of all job fills, networking allows you to get in doors that would otherwise be impossible to enter. You can network your way into potential opportunities that can turn intorepparttar 135045 right job created just for you. Networking is one ofrepparttar 135046 best ways to taprepparttar 135047 hidden job market!

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