Successful Dating and Marriage (2)

Written by Arthur Zulu

Chapter 3

"How do you tell legitimate hope from unfounded hope? By looking carefully atrepparttar facts" -- DR. HOWARD HALPERN .......................................

If you were asked to mentionrepparttar 137116 qualities you want in a mate, no doubt you will list allrepparttar 137117 wonderful human qualities on earth. Perhaps you will not forget to mention that you will like your mate to be loving and caring. Well, that is good.

But you startrepparttar 137118 wrong way. You should have started by asking yourself if you possess those "angelic" qualities in your master list. For example, ask yourself, Am I loving and caring?

You see, everyone looks for different qualities in a mate. For instance, what appeals to me, may not appeal to you. No wonder it is said that what is one man's meat is another man's poison.

This reminds me of one beautiful lady who loved Socratesrepparttar 137119 Greek philosopher for his intelligence, and asked for his hand in marriage. She reasoned that they would make excellent children. Because their children would combine her beauty with Socrates' intelligence.

Butrepparttar 137120 beautiful lady, a dullard who could not add one and one, forgot something whichrepparttar 137121 ugly Socrates reminded her. "What if our children combine your empty brain with my ugly face?" he asked. And that ended it.

So, it means that we should look for a rounded mate. One quality alone is not enough. And we too should posses qualities that our mate should look at and admire. But what questions should you first ask yourself?

Am I willing to make a life long commitment to my partner? Matthew 19: 6

You don't marry today withrepparttar 137122 view to divorcing tomorrow, if things don't go your way. Marriage is a life long commitment. God hates those who abandon their mates. -- Malachi 2: 13-16.

Am I now physically mature to make sound judgment? -- 1 Corinthians 7: 36

Picture teenage couples in a matrimonial wedlock. These ones are still going through changes in their life. Lack of any life experience, coupled withrepparttar 137123 strong sexual desires incidental to their age, will distort their thinking and judgment.

Do I have traits that will help me to contribute to a successful marriage? -- Galatians 5: 22, 23.

You should try to cultivate those qualities that you want of your marriage mate. Compatibility isrepparttar 137124 word. But know that even twins are not exactly identical. So don't even think of marrying a relative in order to makerepparttar 137125 best out of marriage. And don't think you can change anyone. That is wishful thinking. Try changing yourself first!

Do I haverepparttar 137126 maturity to support a male in difficult times? -- Galatians 6: 2.

It is notrepparttar 137127 time to playrepparttar 137128 blame game when problems arise. You will agree that we live in difficult times, and this calls for maturity in handling issues. That is why you are two. -- Ecclesiastes 4: 9, 10.

Am I a cheerful and optimistic person? -- Proverbs 15: 15

If you are a critical, gloomy and negative person, marriage will not change you. Instead you are going to strainrepparttar 137129 marriage. Why not add some humor to your life by being cheerful and optimistic. Remember, such character repels, and is dangerous to your health.

How to Decide Whether to Keep Your Marriage or Other Relationship Going or to End It

Written by Terry Mansfield

In their top-selling book "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" Relationship Coaches Susie and Otto Collins offer expert advice to help you decide how to know WHEN or IF it's time to break up, leave your relationship or get a divorce.

Theirs is an "action book" provided in traditional print form or in a downloadble e-book version that is "filled with hundreds of questions, stories and insights that will help you consciously determine whether to stay in your present relationship or to move on."

Relationship Experts Susie and Otto assert that their book "will take you through a powerful process of discovery about yourself, your partner and your relationship" and that "by going through this process,repparttar decision about what's best for you actually reveals itself to you."

Webster's Dictionary defines a relationship as "a romantic or passionate attachment." If you're in one, you might think that you've found heaven on earth. Or maybe something that's not quite so grand, just OK or so-so. Or possibly something far worse if your relationship is starting to seem more like hell on earth than heaven. In fact, things may seem so bad to you that you've started thinking seriously about leaving a relationship. And if you're married this could mean getting a divorce. Many of us have found ourselves in a similar situation and have suffered great anguish while trying to decide what to do -- stay in a relationship or leave it.

Well,repparttar 136621 husband and wife Relationship Coach team of Susie and Otto Collins, who are also top-selling authors, are urging that before you takerepparttar 136622 next, maybe fateful step regarding your relationship, that you stop long enough to learn how to makerepparttar 136623 best possible decision about whether to stay or go. Susie and Otto say that while they have a great relationship with one another now, that wasn't alwaysrepparttar 136624 case. But they want you to basically 'go to school on them' by learning from and benefiting fromrepparttar 136625 relationship journey they made together. While there most certainly have been others who have overcomerepparttar 136626 low points in a relationship and made what eventually became a successful journey together, not many of them have been able to recount it in writing in such clear and compelling fashion as have Susie and Otto Collins in their top-selling book "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" They claim their book will:

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