Successful Career, Rocky Relationship?

Written by Jo Ball

While you’re soaring withrepparttar eagles at work, things are about as low as they can get onrepparttar 144256 home front. This is a quandary many people before you have had, but withinrepparttar 144257 situation is an opportunity to evaluate life.

Often it takes a relationship breakdown of divorce proportions to force us to stop and take stock ofrepparttar 144258 meaning and direction of our life.

We also know that “love” is one ofrepparttar 144259 pillars of our life. We also know it’s not logical to be working as hard and as long as we do, creating allrepparttar 144260 money and success imaginable only to end up alone and unable to share allrepparttar 144261 fruits withrepparttar 144262 one you loverepparttar 144263 most.

Whatrepparttar 144264 successful career, rocky relationship situation provides you with though is an opportunity to evaluate. Let me explain.

Life is about purpose – life purpose. You, within your life purpose – above everything else, are striving for happiness and in order to help you evaluate your situation I have a few questions for you that takes you right torepparttar 144265 heart ofrepparttar 144266 matter.

Are you happy “with you” in your relationship? Are you happy with your partner inrepparttar 144267 relationship? Do you still wantrepparttar 144268 relationship? Canrepparttar 144269 relationship be salvaged? If so, how?

Are you using work to hide from something at home? Children; in-laws; step-children,repparttar 144270 pain of a family death; something your partner said to you months ago that hurt and you never let go of it? Are there pressures at home that could be worked out with a different strategy i.e. outside help, like coaching or counseling?

What Me? Lie On My Resume? Who Will Know?

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

What Me? Lie On My Resume? Who Will Know? The temptation to lie on a resume is great! How can it hurt if I stretchrepparttar truth a bit? Employers see lots of resumes. How are they going to know who lies and who doesn't? Whoa! Let's stop a minute and reflect on what lies can REALLY do on a resume. 1. Lying and stretchingrepparttar 144249 truth may come out anyway. You, job seeker, might exaggerate torepparttar 144250 wrong people and get caught LYING! 2. Are you so unsure of yourself that you have to LIE to get a job? Poor you! 3. MANY, if not all employers who find outrepparttar 144251 truth behind a lie will dismiss you onrepparttar 144252 spot. 4. Why lie? If your accomplishments and

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