Successful Baseball Hitters Always Have a Plan!

Written by Coach John Peter

Successful Hitters Always Have a Plan!

Here are some thoughts onrepparttar above topic from a buddy of mine. The guy’s name is Steve Springer.

“If baseball is 90% mental, why do we work on it less than 10% ofrepparttar 150875 time?” "You cannot control getting a hit, but you can control hittingrepparttar 150876 ball hard!"

Who Is This Guy? Springer isn’t just another “dry jock” (a not-so-flattering term given to many broadcasters who never playedrepparttar 150877 game).

No, this guy logged over 7,000 pro AB’s with 11 years in AAA ball alone! He is now a very successful agent for some future Big League Impact Players!

Ok, Lets Get To The Point! Spring also said, and I paraphrase, “The majority of hitters think fastball, curve, slider, change-up on 0-0 counts.”

In My Opinion…This Is Plain Crazy! Maybe some younger athletes can get by on raw ability with this mindset, but sooner than laterrepparttar 150878 game eliminates us all. Some ofrepparttar 150879 biggest reasons are that they can no longer hit quality pitching in their age group.

NOTE: For more information on this last statement, you may want to read an article I wrote onrepparttar 150880 topic entitled, “The Game Eliminates Us All.”

Personally, I think much of this is avoidable…it just takes having a plan! Spring went on to say that “when you are facing Dwight Gooden in his prime, you saw 95 mph followed byrepparttar 150881 hammer (the curveball), YOU BETTER PICK ONE BECAUSE YOU AREN’T ADJUSTING TO ANYTHING! … Doesn’t this make sense?

Ok, Lets Get To Some Real Solutions! We Must Have A Simplified Plan! Ok, how?

Well for starters, Watch The Pitcher! He's going to show you and tell you what you are going to get…if you will really watch him!

It’s not about what you want! (which at best is aboutrepparttar 150882 only plan most youth hitters seem to have.)

It’s about what am I going to get! And how do you know if you don’t watchrepparttar 150883 game?

Fromrepparttar 150884 dugout, whenrepparttar 150885 pitcher warms up, whenever and wherever you can! The pitcher is going to tell you what you are going to get. They live on patterns. Pitchers like to be comfortable and hate it when they are not!

Now, your job is what Ted Williams (perhapsrepparttar 150886 greatest hitting coach of all time) says is of greatest importance...FIND A PITCH TO HIT!

And How Do You Find A Pitch To Hit? You Watch The Game!

HERE’S THE PLAN! 1- Consider that pitchers are taught to get ahead. This means strike one is their aim. What isrepparttar 150887 number one pitch that a batter is likely to see 0-0? Yep, a fastball. In much of youth baseball, chances are that if it is a strike, it will piercerepparttar 150888 fat ofrepparttar 150889 plate.

You walk intorepparttar 150890 box looking to drive this pitch...swinging hard but controlled! If you can’t drive it and hit it hard somewhere, you will leave it! …They give you three strikes anyway, right?

How To Choose a Baseball Pitching Machine

Written by Coach John Peter

Before we start, let me just add one thought on how I believe ballplayers are made. FIRST… you must learnrepparttar proper mechanics! SECOND… you do it over and over and over again! The player that hasrepparttar 150874 privilege of being able to hit just by walking out his back door is at an unbelievable advantage when compared torepparttar 150875 player who can't. He is as fortunate as a player can ever be for this isrepparttar 150876 absolute number one tool that a player can have to becomerepparttar 150877 best ballplayer he possibly can become.

I once asked a coach if he ever had a player with a backyard pitching machine setup who didn't turn into a good hitter. He thought for a minute before he said, "No, I don't think I ever have."

If you can hit, a coach will always find a position for you!

So You Want To Buy a Pitching Machine? For most people buying a pitching machine is a one-time purchase, so you sure want to makerepparttar 150878 right decision and not have to live withrepparttar 150879 wrong machine. If you will allow me to help, I may be able to assist you in whittling your selection down torepparttar 150880 right choice. Keep in mind that if you simply readrepparttar 150881 descriptions below, your gut feeling is most likely going to lead you torepparttar 150882 right choice. I say this because none of what we sell is junk. So if you are caught between two price levels and both are affordable, know that though I believe that there is quality built into all that we sell, more money does buy more machine. You can't overpay for quality!

The major considerations are…TYPE OF MACHINES, PRICE, SPACE, PLAYER AGE

Type of Machines:

"Real Ball" Throwing Machines: The Real Ball category are those machines which throw real balls or machine pitch dimple balls (you've seen them in yellow or white atrepparttar 150883 commercial batting cages). Incidentally, both types of baseballs weigh 5 oz.

These machines come in two major categories plus a new category that we'll discuss shortly. The categories are: -Wheel Machines -Arm Style Machines -Compressed Air Machines Generally, all require a batting cage (there are a few exceptions), most can be purchased with auto-feeders and remote controls for one player operation.

Wheel Style Pitching Machines - (One & Two Wheel Models) These arerepparttar 150884 most popular types and are seen in backyards, machine-pitch leagues, high schools, colleges and in pro ball. They consist of a rubber wheel(s), a motor to propelrepparttar 150885 wheel(s), electronics with speed and direction adjustment knobs and a steel frame attached to a tripod. All run on 110v current though many fields without power will use a generator. Most can be purchased for baseball only, softball only or in a combination package for multi sport use.

Single Wheel Machines: Just whatrepparttar 150886 name implies, these entry-level machines generally throw a straight pitch between approximately 25-70+ MPH. Cost ranges from just over $900. and up.

Then there are a few single wheel curveball machines which haverepparttar 150887 added feature ofrepparttar 150888 obvious, it can also throw a curveball. I personally preferrepparttar 150889 curveball machines for their versatility in throwingrepparttar 150890 breaking ball from either "hand", but budget obviously needs to be added into your choice as well. The price bumps up just beyond $1200. Distinct Advantages arerepparttar 150891 lower price for a real ball machine andrepparttar 150892 weight of only 60 lbs for relatively easy transport from car to ballpark etc. Distinct Disadvantages are that they do not throwrepparttar 150893 high speeds or variety of pitches that two wheel machines do.

Two Wheel Machines: These are admittedly, our biggest sellers. These machines will throw and simulate almost every pitch from any angle, from left or right-handed pitchers at speeds from approximately 25 to well intorepparttar 150894 90 plus MPH range. They carry price tags of over $1500. plus options that are not necessary but do add torepparttar 150895 function and enjoyment. Distinct Advantages are their ability to throw allrepparttar 150896 different types of pitches andrepparttar 150897 added bonus of using them for ground balls (not so good with single wheel machines) as well as fly balls and catchers pop-ups. They are somewhat portable. Our machines range in weight from 60 lbs to 110 lbs. Some of our competitors' older technology machines weigh 150 lbs. Distinct Disadvantages are that you won't seerepparttar 150898 motion ofrepparttar 150899 "pitchers arm" though you will get used to it after some practice. Additionally, as in all wheel type machines, they aren't consistent with wet, waterlogged balls or swollen balls (For this reason we suggest and also package many of our models with machine pitch dimple balls). Click to see our Single & Two Wheel Pitching Machines

Arm Style Pitching Machines These arerepparttar 150900 workhorses of many programs from High school and up throughrepparttar 150901 pros. You've seen them atrepparttar 150902 commercial batting cages those big green hulks of steel with their red lights warning ofrepparttar 150903 impending pitch. They've been around for over 50 years and are really quite civilized and simple, once you get to know them. They can be equipped and changed for baseball or softball. They throw a straight, accurate ball at varied speeds of 25 to 85 plus MPH though we even offer an entry-level machine that peaks out at 65 MPH and also works well for slow-pitch softball (thoughrepparttar 150904 arm throws in an overhand motion). You should consider covering them duringrepparttar 150905 off-season but really, you never have to move them, they are built like Russian Tanks.

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