Success on Foreign Search Engines Made Easy and Possible

Written by David Gikandi

How do you quickly double your online income? Well, that's easy. Get found byrepparttar 50 ofrepparttar 128395 world that currently cannot possibly find you. I can almost hear you say, "Did you just say that 50 ofrepparttar 128396 world cannot possibly find me?" Yes, and that isrepparttar 128397 saddest thing butrepparttar 128398 greatest, simple to execute opportunity for many online businesses

Let us start by seeing why halfrepparttar 128399 world is in no position to find you. After that, we will see how we can change that. Some quick statistics and facts are in order here. These arerepparttar 128400 numbers and facts that we will be using to formulate our strategy and win in these foreign markets:

- According to some accounts, halfrepparttar 128401 world's Internet users either do not speak English, or they do speak it but prefer to searchrepparttar 128402 web in their own language. In either case, when they go to a search engine, they type in their search terms in their language and not in English. That is why they cannot find your web site - becauserepparttar 128403 keywords you use are not translated into their language. But remember, they can read English or use translation software to translate English sites. The only problem here is that they cannot find your site. But if they did, they would be able to use it somehow. We will look deeper into that later.

- They tend to use localized search engines that are able to index words in their language.

- They use translation tools that are able to translate English web pages to their language as they browse.

- Althoughrepparttar 128404 world has thousands of languages and dialects, 97 ofrepparttar 128405 world speaks just 24 languages! A quick visit to will show you what these languages are. Oracle has a drop-down language selector that covers them all. You can make your own simple instant translator free at ranslingo.html. Modifying it a little would enable you to have a single drop down instant translator that covers 30 languages. See for an example of how this has been done. If you wish to have one of these on your site, see ransguide/ for more information.

- Because very few English site owners submit to non-English search engines, and do so using appropriate content as we shall soon see, you will be tapping into a very ripe, large and untapped market with much less competition.

- Foreign language markets online are growing at a much faster rate than English speaking ones asrepparttar 128406 Internet penetrates these countries.

On a country-by-country level, here are some quick statistics and facts to go by:

- Inrepparttar 128407 Latin world, Brazil isrepparttar 128408 largest single market, speaking Portuguese. Also keep in mind that roughly 1 out of every 9 people inrepparttar 128409 USA are Spanish speakers. That is a huge market.

- The German market is very large, wealthy, and high-tech. It also has a large proportion of bilingual users who primarily search and browse in German but they are able to read English sites when they do find them, withoutrepparttar 128410 use of any translation software.

- The French-speaking world is probably even larger thanrepparttar 128411 German one, with about 150 million people spread aroundrepparttar 128412 world in many francophone countries.

- The Asian speaking market is phenomenal. Some researchers estimate that by 2007,repparttar 128413 dominant language onrepparttar 128414 Internet will be Chinese. Even today, Asian users make up a big chunk of all online users. Japan,repparttar 128415 second largest economy inrepparttar 128416 world, is non-English speaking.

To ignore these markets is simply crazy, yet most people do. But that is understandable, givenrepparttar 128417 fact that most people think it is very difficult to penetrate them. I would like to show you how easy it really is, something that I myself just learnt a couple of days ago quite by accident.

Our goal is simple, and it is to get people to find our web site when they search using words in their language that describe our site. For example, say you had a web site that sold travel reservations. Let us assume that most people find your site usingrepparttar 128418 search term 'cheap air tickets'. If your site were entirely in English, then you would only get people searching usingrepparttar 128419 term 'cheap air tickets'. You would never be found by Germans searching for 'preiswerte Flugscheine',repparttar 128420 German translation of that. Remember, these Germans would have been able to read your site in English or use their translation-capable browsers to read it, and then order from you. The same goes for Italians searching for 'biglietti di aria poco costosi' or Spaniards that type in 'billetes de avión baratos' intorepparttar 128421 search engine. But you could have sold to any one of them, they were definitely looking for you and they would have understood you.

Visitors for Replicate Site Owners

Written by Pat@Maxaid

Ah, Hah ! You've just foundrepparttar Greatest Opportunity ofrepparttar 128394 century.

It's a new affiliate business that offers top commission, free autoresponders, and of course your very own free replicated Website. (or page)

You have been told that all you have to do is join and you will get all this for Free, Plus you won't have to do anything, your site will be promoted in various ways and submitted to an "x" number of search engines to bring traffic to your "new" site.

I'm sorry that I should berepparttar 128395 one to break this bad news to you. All else may work well for you and your replicated site BUT, you can forgetrepparttar 128396 traffic from search engines ! It just won't happen. Why ?

All replicate and duplicate sites have identical code, info, graphics and such. The only difference is inrepparttar 128397 members I.D.numbers. This doesn't mean diddly torepparttar 128398 search engine robot (spyder) that collectsrepparttar 128399 info from web pages.

After going to a few pages that haverepparttar 128400 same info and graphicsrepparttar 128401 robots that collect info fromrepparttar 128402 pages recognize it as a duplicate. Then, thinking someone has submitted multiple submissions forrepparttar 128403 same page they view it as spamming .

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