"Success is an option, it takes work and sweat!"

Written by Jonathon Ford

"Success is an option, it takes work and sweat!"

You read lots of books about ?how to make millions? online; how to make a 6 figure income from home in your pajamas, work only 2 hours a day ? and manage to have a vacation onrepparttar beach every other month, learnrepparttar 117739 secrets of success... you get motivated and then it fizzles out like a wet firecracker.

You work hard duringrepparttar 117740 day to make ends meet; you study at night to see if you can raise your standard of living, to buy your wife that little extra... You study these ?fabulous offers? that are going to make you rich and give financial independence.

Most of us don?t even come close to making a few bucks online, you read so much hype you don?t know who to believe and who is really ethical. Scams abound onrepparttar 117741 Internet. Still, you apply for some ?free? information from another cyberdude who is gonna make us rich overnight, promising you allrepparttar 117742 wealth and fun onrepparttar 117743 beach forever. But, like gossamer, that also comes to zero.

You then wise up a little and become selective and perhaps do a little evaluation on specific areas, maybe it is on e-books "How to get a stampede to your website!" Get your copy now.

You think "Well, lets try this, it is only $50, it can?t break me." Everybody else seems to be making big money on repparttar 117744 Internet.

"What about affiliates? Should I be selling there?" No, you think, people get ripped off being an affiliate... MLM? Ha!

It sounds so logical, you apply for this e-book and you?re gonna make $5000 per month doing absolutely nothing. You?re gonna put your business on autopilot asrepparttar 117745 script says, sit back 24/7 and watchrepparttar 117746 loot roll in. By now you know it isn?t quite real, it sounds falser than a weeping croc.

You begin to make a concerted effort and apply allrepparttar 117747 information in hope. Step one... your wife is looking over your shoulder, she wants to know why you are spending so much time onrepparttar 117748 computer. "My dear, I have got to get something going, I might lose my job tomorrow."

It?s midnight and you decide to call it quits until tomorrow. At 6.0. am you wake up andrepparttar 117749 first thing that comes into your mind isrepparttar 117750 Internet "Have I donerepparttar 117751 right thing? Should I be doing something else?" There is a lot of effort going into this project and then those awful thoughts creep in, "Can I really make money online?" "Maybe I can?" There is so much uncertainty.

Work at Home Business Ideas

Written by J. Stephen Pope

Here are some excellent businesses that you can start, operate and grow from your home. All these work at home businesses haverepparttar following desirable features:

**Low Startup Costs **Ease of Entry **High Income Potential **Home Based and Operated **Worldwide Sales Potential **Residual, Recurring and/or Passive Income Potential

1. Consulting

A consultant is someone expert in a field who, for a fee, advises businesses or individuals on various matters of concern.

Many times we tend to feel that our knowledge, skills or abilities are nothing unique. However, many lack those same assets and would gladly pay us for our knowledge and services.

Although it is possible to make a living from consulting with individuals,repparttar 117738 big money is in performing services for businesses.

Do you have knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting, tax or similar business matters? Some have made excellent money specializing in small business consulting.

Are you a computer hobbyist with business or internet experience? You could make money in web design, internet marketing, search engine optimization, or some other specialty.

Some lawyers have combined their legal experience with their love ofrepparttar 117739 Internet and specialized in intellectual property and computer law.

For further information and resources about consulting, visit: http://www.yenommarketinginc.com/consulting.html

2. Finding

A finder is someone who, for a fee, finds something needed by a business or individual. A finder's fee isrepparttar 117740 amount paid torepparttar 117741 finder for locating what was required.

Finder's fees are paid for finding money (loans, equipment leasing, et cetera), equipment (mining, construction, et cetera), personnel, companies for sale, locations (fast food franchises, vending machines, et cetera) and just about anything else that people are willing to pay for.

Simply match sellers with buyers and you can earn finder's fees.

For further information and resources about finder's fees, visit: http://www.yenommarketinginc.com/finder.html

3. Auctions

An auction is an event where items are sold torepparttar 117742 highest bidders. An internet auction, online auction or e-auction is an auction where you can buy and sell items onrepparttar 117743 Internet.

Many thousands now make their living or fortune from selling products and services on eBay and similar auction sites. So can you!

For further information and resources about auctions, visit: http://www.yenommarketinginc.com/auctions.html

4. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a method of selling products without stocking inventory yourself. When you make a sale you contactrepparttar 117744 manufacturer or authorized distributor who ships it torepparttar 117745 customer with your invoice and shipping label. Advantages include no warehousing, shipping, or inventory costs.

For further information and resources about drop shipping, visit: http://www.yenommarketinginc.com/dropship.html

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