Success With Style

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

People who dress frumpy at work may be more comfortable, but they end up working for those who dress with style. People like to dress with style because it makes them feel good. When people feel good, they do better work and interact more powerfully with other people.

Unfortunately, style is difficult to find in today's look- alike manufactured world. Have you ever shopped for clothing or accessories and found something that you might have purchased if onlyrepparttar 117386 design was just a little different? If you have an eye for style, you can profit fromrepparttar 117387 demand for stylish clothing and accessories.

Jill Edwards started out as a lab technician at a clam farm. One day she decided to use her mother's sewing machine to make handbags to give as gifts. Today she sells her limited edition handbags onrepparttar 117388 Web for between $80.00 and $130.00. visit and click onrepparttar 117389 "Collections" menu to see Jill's designs. When you order, Jill handcrafts a bag specifically for you.

Laura Lynch feels thatrepparttar 117390 pinnacle of style in women's hats was duringrepparttar 117391 period between 1920 and 1940. She bases her hat designs onrepparttar 117392 styles of that period. Visit and click onrepparttar 117393 "Gallery" menu to viewrepparttar 117394 stylish hats Laura sells for over $100.00. Click onrepparttar 117395 "Materials" menu to learn how Laura constructs her hats.

Beware The Difficult Client

Written by Angela Booth

Beware The Difficult Client

Copyright (c) 2002 by Angela Booth

Into each life a little rain must fall, and into each business life waltzesrepparttar occasional difficult client.

Luckily, most clients are a pleasure to work with. The pains inrepparttar 117383 derriere are also, when you have enough experience to recognizerepparttar 117384 type.

I've listed several "difficult" types below, so that you can arm yourself against them.

The major weapon in your armory is THE CONTRACT. Always have a contract, no exceptions. Be especially wary ofrepparttar 117385 prospective client who says: "A contract? This will take you what, an hour? Surely you don't expect a contract for an hour's work?" (See "The Spider" below.)

=> The Convivial

You can recognize her by her cry: "Let's have a meeting before I sign off on this!" The Convivial client:

* always has an office which is half a day's drive from you;

* rarely shows up for any meetings she's scheduled, and if she does, is always at least an hour late; and

* never has an agenda for any meeting, and therefore never remembers why she wanted to see you, indeed she'll convince herself that YOU asked forrepparttar 117386 meeting.

Your weapon: a signed contract with a paragraph which states that all meetings exceptrepparttar 117387 first are chargeable at your usual daily rate, which is $X.

Note: if you don't have a schedule of fees, develop one. Byrepparttar 117388 close of business today. It's vital. Contact your professional association or ring local practitioners to discover whatrepparttar 117389 standard rates are, and use these as a basis to calculate your own fee schedule.

=> The Extremely Cautious

Her cry is: "I need to get input from Sales and Marketing, and then Legal wants to look it over". The Extremely Cautious client:

* has trouble with decisions, so rarely sees a project through to completion; and

* micro-manages, so expect five phone calls a week while you work onrepparttar 117390 project.

Your weapon: a signed contract which specifies your billing cycle. This depends onrepparttar 117391 project, but always get at least a third up front, and invoice monthly. Make sure that your contract specifies that all revisions afterrepparttar 117392 final draft are chargeable. When you hear "Legal" think: "revision, revision, revision".

=> The Bargain Bazaar

Her cry: "It came up that we really need X and Y and Z to makerepparttar 117393 package complete. You won't mind including them, will you?"

The Bargain Bazaar client is always pleasant. She gets on your wavelength. She asks about your children, your hamster and your garden. She sends a box of mangos or a hand-tooled leather portfolio with your initials in gold whenrepparttar 117394 project is complete. Unfortunately, neitherrepparttar 117395 mangos norrepparttar 117396 portfolio coverrepparttar 117397 unpaid extra work you did.

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