Success Tips for the Entrepreneur

Written by Myrtis Smith

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Summary: 5 Success Tips for Today's Entrepreneur

============================================================= Success Tips forrepparttar 117723 Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. They embodyrepparttar 117724 American Dream. Prior torepparttar 117725 Industrial Revolution,repparttar 117726 majority of people in this country owned and operated their own business. And while today, its easier to find employees than business owners, entrepreneurs are stillrepparttar 117727 backbone of this country. According torepparttar 117728 Small Business Administration (SBA) inrepparttar 117729 year 2000 over 600,000 new business were started.

Below are 5 Success Tips to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

1. Take care of yourself. Entrepreneurs are notorious workaholics easily working 60 to 80 (or even 100) hours every week. Investing time in your self-care will help you think more clearly, have more energy, and head-off stress before it gets out of hand. Some items to add to your to do list are regular doctors appointments, daily exercise, scheduled vacations (at least 2 - 4 weeks every year), and periodic days off. A coach is an excellent resource to help you prioritize what needs to get done while also making time for yourself.

How Will Your Business be Judged?

Written by Dave Balch

Like it or not, people DO judge a book by its cover. It's just a fact of life. Everything having to do with your business that is presented torepparttar outside world is one more judging opportunity. How do you measure up?

You've probably heard it said, "You only have one chance to make a good first impression". There is a reason why it is an old adage; it's true!

There are so many ways that your business presents itself for that first impression. The first one that comes to mind is YOU, which can be either in person or onrepparttar 117722 phone. In person, you must lookrepparttar 117723 part that you play. For example, if you portray yourself as someone who can help a business be successful, you must look successful. If you own a restaurant and you greet your guests, you should look clean, friendly, and inviting. The owner of a restaurant greeted us in a grease-stained T-shirt. Wrong! Not very appetizing, is it?

Onrepparttar 117724 phone, you need to sound like you care aboutrepparttar 117725 caller and their problems. What kind of an impression would it make if you (or an employee) answeredrepparttar 117726 phone sounding annoyed atrepparttar 117727 interruption?

Printed materials also make an impression, for better or worse. Is your business card professionally done, or does it look cheesy? Are your brochures professional looking or are they made on a copier? If they were made on a copier, you may get away with it if they are clean and neat, with good toner saturation. A sloppily made copy that is too faint, uneven, and/or crooked onrepparttar 117728 page will do you more harm than good. I am reminded of a man who approached me at a trade show and wanted to work together giving seminars. He handed me his 'brochure', which consisted of about 10 pages of poorly copied pages, most of which were crooked, and all of which were bent, crumpled, or torn. I could not believe my eyes. I was appalled, but our parrot didn't seem to mind when I used it to line his cage.

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