Success... Begins and Ends With You

Written by Dr. J. E. Burke

Success..... Begins and Ends With You!

Success is a word that is much used in our society. We probably hear it at least once each day, especially in commercials. It could be said that many of us are spending so much time concerned about success that we do not set things in motion to achieve our own success. One thing is apparent to me, and that is that each individual must determine what success means in their own lives. Those who go through life trying to achieve so-called success by someone's standards or byrepparttar advertising industry's standards will always fall short of feeling successful.

Most modern dictionaries define success as a degree or measure of achievement or as a favorable or desired outcome. You must decide what you want that favorable or desirable outcome to be in every area of your life. This is especially true with your business. To be 'successful' in your business marketing efforts you must set, realistic, obtainable goals. You must measure your success by how close you come to achievingrepparttar 142091 goals you set for yourself based on your abilities and skills.

In successfully marketing your online business you must be willing to investrepparttar 142092 time it takes to research and learn all you can aboutrepparttar 142093 marketplace. You must not believerepparttar 142094 hype,repparttar 142095 overblown promises of immediate success. The truth is, most overnight successes were months or years inrepparttar 142096 making.

Pro and Cons of Home Based Business

Written by Mary Porter

The Pros and Cons of a Home Based Business:repparttar REAL Story! Hundreds of people a day enter intorepparttar 142090 world of home based businesses. There are many "opportunities" out there, and you don't have to look very hard to find them. Chances are good someone will approach you, maybe even someone you know. The offer they make will be very inviting. They will tell you allrepparttar 142091 benefits of working from home. There are many.

And they are REAL. If you findrepparttar 142092 right company to start up with. Do people actually get a check inrepparttar 142093 mail? Really?

Yep, they sure do.

And after they get their check,....can they actually SPEND it?


It seems like only yesterday.....

It wasrepparttar 142094 last day ofrepparttar 142095 month. I had already called 99% of my extensive "customer list".

I knew chances of me getting ahold ofrepparttar 142096 last few were slim, because this wasrepparttar 142097 night ofrepparttar 142098 first high school football game ofrepparttar 142099 season. No one was home to take my call. I still needed almost $200.00 in product orders to make my monthly quota to maintainrepparttar 142100 level I had slaved and worked to build.

My palms were sweaty. My stomach was in knots. My hand trembled as I dialedrepparttar 142101 next number. It was my last chance....

"Hello," Oh my gosh! Someone answered! "Hi Aunt Jane! How are you?" "Hi, we're doing OK over here. What's up?" "Well, I'm getting my monthly order ready, and I was wondering if you needed any more XYZ Super Soap." "Oh, I'm sorry, Honey, but that stuff will last me for months. I just don't need any more right now." "Would you be interested in trying our new and improved High Energy Super Vitamin Peanut Butter Instant Wonder Shake?" "Oh, I don't think so. I don't do enough any more to be needing much energy. But I can mention it to your cousin Jake. He's been lifting weights here lately. He might like to try it. He'll be home next Tuesday. He's in Chicago." "Well, thank you Aunt Jane! I'll be sure and give him a call next week after he's home." "All right Dear. I'll talk to you later." "OK Aunt Jane. See you soon! Bye."

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