Success -- There Are No Secrets

Written by Ginny Dye

There Are No Secrets To Success As you strive toward accomplishing your goals and dreams you need to know that there are no secrets to success! Webster's Dictionary defines a "secret" as something kept from public knowledge; something mysterious that is beyond general knowledge or understanding. If that were true then it would mean success is only possible for those few who have access to these great mysterious secrets. Nonsense!

You Are What You Believe People believe there are hidden secrets that will propel them to success. But there are no secrets. However, there are truths, lessons, insights and actions you can take to get you where you want to be. They're not hidden, but neither are they dancing in front of you as you walk through life. You have to WANT to know them. You have to LOOK for them. You have to DO something with them once you know them.

Here are four basic truths to get you started on your road to success.

1 -- Your life will be whatever you decide to make it. You've got a choice. Today. And every other day of your life. You can’t change what has happened. But regardless of your past, you are responsible forrepparttar direction of your life. No excuses – no complaints – no futile searching for secrets that don’t exist. Your life will be what you decide to make it.

2 -- Where you are in your life today is a direct consequence of every decision you have ever made. Ouch. Not what you wanted to hear? Me either! So take a few minutes -- think about these first two truths. You may discoverrepparttar 142063 same kind of freedom I did. While it is tough to accept, you are ultimately responsible for whatever condition your life is in at this moment. Good news – there is also wonderful freedom in knowing you haverepparttar 142064 power to make it anything you want it to be!

Stress Relief in Minutes

Written by Trevor Dumbleton

Copyright 2005 Trevor Dumbleton

For those who are suffering from stress, just aboutrepparttar hardest thing to find is stress relief. Stress can often continue itself on its own energy and, as it mounts up upon itself, it builds itself into an absolute mental frenzy. Unfortunately, this sort of mental frenzy is ultimately counter-productive and leavesrepparttar 141947 mind so frenzied that it cannot actually take care of whatever is causingrepparttar 141948 stress. Thus, stress relief is a way to helprepparttar 141949 mind attend torepparttar 141950 necessities of life.

The first thing you need to realize about stress is that you can get rid of it. In fact, you can control your mind and your emotions and you do not need to hang on to stress. If you learn to get rid of stress all on your own, you will be able to get rid of it that much easierrepparttar 141951 next time. You control your brain a lot more than you know.

With that in mind,repparttar 141952 first way to help give yourself stress relief is with your feet. That is, if something is causing you all sorts of stress, you need to simply stand up and walk away from it. This will give your mindrepparttar 141953 break it needs to calm down and come to grips withrepparttar 141954 situation. Simply allowing it to stress you out more and more is simply not a productive plan. So get up, walk away, and give yourself a break.

Once you have walked away, there are several things you can do for stress relief. One ofrepparttar 141955 easiest things is simply cleaningrepparttar 141956 house. That's right, vacuuming, dusting, ironing, scrubbingrepparttar 141957 floors and cleaningrepparttar 141958 countertops will actually help you relieve stress. Simply organizing messes and cleaning away dirt will help you immeasurably. This is because you will be taking care of messes, much inrepparttar 141959 manner you want to clean uprepparttar 141960 messes in your life. By sweeping awayrepparttar 141961 dust and grime, you will be taking charge of your own home and, in a way, removingrepparttar 141962 clutter from your life by removingrepparttar 141963 clutter from your home.

Another method of stress relief is through a hobby. This can be model ship building, stamp collecting, or any number of other means to help you keep your mind off of things. Likewise, woodworking or even fishing can help you get some stress relief and clear awayrepparttar 141964 fog of anxiety that can arise fromrepparttar 141965 stresses of everyday life. By focusing on something other than what is pressing you, you can get rid of those piling stresses that threaten to take you over. Hobbies give your mind something to concentrate on. And by concentrating on something completely meaningless, your mind can finally relax and let go ofrepparttar 141966 pressures that build up with every little concern.

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