Written by Robert Bruce Baird

There is an axiom or three about success and what it means to be sure. There is little certainty or anything to be sure about. I have had success and I have been onrepparttar opposite side of things a great deal to be sure. I am probably happier when I am not rich but most people cannot fathom that. They think I am some kind of ‘nut’. They often do not believe me when I demonstrate my ego and its playful willingness to laugh at my self or sayrepparttar 138526 opposite of what people think about me. In The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas we see Gertrude Stein had some time to consider success as she sought to become ‘historical’. She and I are alike in this regard.

“Mildred Aldrich liked Picasso and even liked Matisse, that is personally, but she was troubled. One day she said to me, Alice, tell me is it alright, are they really alright, I know Gertrude thinks so and Gertrude knows, but really is it not all fumisterie, is it not all false.

In spite of these occasional doubtful days Mildred Aldrich liked it all. She liked coming herself and she liked bringing other people. She brought a great many. It was she who brought Henry McBride who was then writing onrepparttar 138527 New York Sun. It was Henry McBride who used to keep Gertrude Stein’s name beforerepparttar 138528 public all those tormented years. Laugh if you like, he used to say to her detractors, but laugh with and not at her, in that way you will enjoy it all much better.

Henry McBride did not believe in worldly success. It ruins you, it ruins you, he used to say. But Henry, Gertrude Stein used to answer dolefully, don’t you think I will ever have any success, I would like to have a little you know. Think of my unpublished manuscripts. But Henry McBride was firm,repparttar 138529 best that I can wish you, he always said, is to have no success. It isrepparttar 138530 only good thing. He was firm about that.

He was however enormously pleased when Mildred was successful and he now says he thinksrepparttar 138531 time has come when Gertrude Stein could indulge in a little success. He does not think that now it would hurt her.” (1)

A New Conversation About Dreams - The Power of Intention

Written by Marcia Wieder

It’s time to changerepparttar way we think and speak about our dreams. Transforming a conversation, just like manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention. Your intentions will assist you in taking greater control of your life. A working definition for intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to directrepparttar 138525 mind, to aim”. Lacking intention, we sometimes stray without meaning or direction. But with it, allrepparttar 138526 forces ofrepparttar 138527 universe can align to make evenrepparttar 138528 most impossible, possible. My intention is to transformrepparttar 138529 conversation around dreams from fear and doubt, to hope and possibility, followed by action and results. Some might say this is notrepparttar 138530 right time to dream. The media and masses say, “It’s time to be realistic.” Consider this. Without our dreams all we have is our present reality. Reality is not a bad thing. We have to know where we are so we can designrepparttar 138531 appropriate strategy for getting to where we want to be. The challenge is our attitude around “reality” and being “realistic” and what being realistic has cost us. Often that’s our passion and joy, our hopes and dreams. Givenrepparttar 138532 unknowns and sometimes craziness of life, there’s never been a more important time to dream and setting your intention isrepparttar 138533 first step. When should you set an intention? You could set an intention every day. Your intention could be to work less and make more, or to find a new career that you are passionate about. It could be to get healthy and physically fit, or to spend more quality time with loved ones or alone. It can be specific and about something in particular or more like a quality, such as to be more relaxed or involved with life. At seventy, Bessie set an intention to become a world famous photographer. Although many thought she was too old, she didn’t. She entered a photo contest where she wonrepparttar 138534 first prize of $10,000. Her prize-winning photo toured aroundrepparttar 138535 world with a Kodak exhibit. She told me, “We’re never too old to make a dream come true.”

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