Submitting articles to various websites is beneficial to every webmaster

Written by Lee Munson

If you want to rank high in search engines, have more visitors, and increase your sales then you should start submitting articles torepparttar multitude of websites that have been compiled for your convenience.

When you submit articles to websites you will receive a box atrepparttar 148244 bottom ofrepparttar 148245 page withrepparttar 148246 info that you would like for your reading audience to have. The most important item should be your website address. Try to use keywords from your website inrepparttar 148247 article you write and when possible include a link to your website inrepparttar 148248 body ofrepparttar 148249 article as well. When you add this link torepparttar 148250 bottom ofrepparttar 148251 article or inrepparttar 148252 body you will be receiving links back to your website.

This isrepparttar 148253 best cost free way of promoting your website. There are literally thousands of people searching for content for their own websites and they are seeking out websites with “free articles”. If you have written a few quality articles pertaining torepparttar 148254 content on your website or articles with useful information that is interesting and can provide other websites with enjoyable reading, they will download your free article with your website link and place your article on their website. Now, you have a link fromrepparttar 148255 free article website along with each person that desires to use your article. There are hundreds of websites that offer free article submissions that you will soon realize once you check out With all of these websites that are using your article you will be able to have a great number of “backlinks” all pointing to your website. You will be able to achieve a higher ranking inrepparttar 148256 major search engines.

Now, you haverepparttar 148257 websites at your fingertips, but what should you write about? Well, it is always best to try to write about what is on your own website. You want surfers to clickrepparttar 148258 link in your article and visit your site. Make each article as interesting as possible and write something that is not all overrepparttar 148259 internet. If you have a food website that you are wishing to promote, write an article on a recipe that is your favorite. If you can not think of anything to write use things you know, like your hobbies, raising children, how to build a website or anything else. If it does not pertain to your website you will still have a link atrepparttar 148260 bottom statingrepparttar 148261 author andrepparttar 148262 author’s website. Therefore, you will still be getting traffic.

Creating Good Pay-per-Click Ad Copy

Written by David L. Felts

Creating Good Pay-per-Click Ad Copy

by David L. Felts

Your goal in pay-per-click marketing is not to drive clicks, but to drive qualified clicks. There's a big difference betweenrepparttar two. In this article, I'm going to talk about some strategies you can use to send a message a that can enhancerepparttar 148205 likelihood of a qualified click.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a good promotion that can get fence-sitters to buy. The concern can be that ifrepparttar 148206 marketplace is rife with free shipping promotions and you don't have one, you're going to lose out. Another concern is if you have a free shipping promotion too often, consumers might wait until your next one to buy. If a dollar amount is required to qualify for free shipping, and especially if that dollar amount is considerably higher thanrepparttar 148207 average order, be sure to give that info up front. Free shipping on $50 doesn't mean as much to someone shopping for CDs as free shipping on $150 sounds to someone shopping for a new DVD player. Free shipping works really well aroundrepparttar 148208 holidays.

Followrepparttar 148209 Supply Chain

Think about associated items your customer might also be interested and that fit naturally with your primary message. For example, if your ad is for running shoes it might also be worth mentioning that you also have running socks and apparel, because someone buying new running shoes might also be interested in other running related items. Let them know you have a full stock of related merchandise.

Be Specific - Tellrepparttar 148210 Consumer what you want Him or Her to Do

If you're trying to drive leads by getting clicker to complete a form, say so. "Register today for...", "Sign up for...." tellrepparttar 148211 clicker what he or she is going to have to do when they get there. This will haverepparttar 148212 advantage of discouraging clicks from people who aren't going to want to fill out your form.

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